Monday, January 03, 2011

Dog Feet?

Did anybody even notice the "dog feet" note on my picture from yesterday's post?  Not a soul mentioned it, but I thought it was funny.  Hmpf.  Maybe there's just not anything to say about it, but I hope somebody noticed and it made you laugh too.  I love knowing I made somebody laugh or at least smile.

Look at this:

I found this picture on Flickr a couple of days ago.  Isn't this a pretty afghan?  I failed to make a note of where I found it and who made it.  I hope she doesn't see it and sue me for using her picture and hate me forever.  If I had the patience to make 100 squares, I'd make a blanket like this.

I just thought of something...

I have bags of 2-round granny squares that my MIL and I made a long time ago.  I was going to make a blanket out of them.  Maybe I could use those and go around them with different colors and make one of these afterall!  It wouldn't be nearly all the work since we already have all those squares started.  Hmm.  I'll have to go dig them out right now and think about this.  I think I've hit on something here.  Off I go!

P.S.  I think I marked this as a favorite on Flickr, so I'll go see who it belongs to and add a link!

Edited to add...The blanket and picture belong to:  Christina Vasconcellos!


  1. I noticed the little doggy feet - they're cute. I have little and medium doggy feet around here.

    You can do a join-as-you-go method for your grannies. The blanket will be done before you know it. :)

  2. But Pammy Sue, you always have "helpers" in your pics. It's always nice to see them, even if it is only their feets. LOL.


  3. I say yes to the blanget...Do it.
    I noticed the dog feet. I am going to crochet all my sisters blankets for Christmas. I better get started.

  4. I saw the dog feet and it DID make me smile... just forgot to leave my comment yesterday. I love that blanket, how gorgeous is that? I'd love to have the patience to make something like that. Hope you can find the round granny squares you started. I am in cleaning mode today... well actually, throwing out mode, which is even better, as I have a bunch of junk I need to get rid of.

  5. That a beautiful blanket!

  6. I downloaded a picture similar to yours I think it is beautiful. I love the grannies the way there using them in pillows and afghan. My you put me to shame all the crocheting you been doing. Well take care friend.

  7. I noticed the dog feet too. Don't ya love how they slip into the pictures?
    Your blanket will be beautiful...course thsi comes from one who grannies all things. :o)

  8. I always HATED joining Grannies until I learned to join them as I make them . . . Now, the whole process goes so fast that I have become addicted to grannies . . or granny-ish patterns.

  9. I noticed the cute little feet and got a laugh out of it. I think the pics of Mr. Jackson threw some of us commenters off, I know it did me. ;-)

  10. Looks to me like after you join the grannies you do rows of single crochet.

    Check out this link and look at image 234, it's called a raised treble stitch, but you could just as easily do it in single crochet.

    Looks like there is some counting involved. Boy, it's sure pretty!


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