Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Do You Recognize Her?


Sneak Peak of Jennifer Anniston

With Bangs!

And they’re crooked.



A couple of people asked whether there was a package on my porch Monday when I opened the door and Eli ran out.  The answer is NO.  It was the MLK Holiday and the post office didn’t even deliver that day.  I opened the door and exposed myself to the neighborhood for nothing (except for the entertaining storytelling factor later).



I was looking for book recommendations on the Internet last night and found several people who recommended these three books (I found more, but these were the three that interested me).

Water for Elephants, Sarah Gruen (Novel)

Mary Mary, James Patterson (Thriller/Suspense)

This is Where I Leave You, Jonathan Tropper (Family Drama)

I’ve read three books in a row now that were written by Neurosurgeons.  I’ve been on a neurosurgery/brain tumor kick lately.  If anybody ever needs brain surgery and there are no brain surgeons left on earth to do it, I’m pretty sure I could handle it now.  I’m pretty much an expert on all things brain and brain tumor-related.  Just bring your own electric drill and saw.  I’m pretty sure The Captain won’t let me use his precious man-tools.  (That is not a metaphor.  I mean the actual tools in his garage.  Hee.)


So I got up early this morning at 7:15 AM to do some work and get it out of here.  But now I have just farted around and not done anything for over an hour except this entry and some Flickr viewing.  I never used to be this way.  I used to be super-disciplined when it came to doing my work.  You have to be when you work at home and have your own business.  But the past year or so i have really become lackadaisical (cool word alert) about it.  Oh my gosh, I love that word!  If I ever change the name of my blog, I’m going to use that word in the title.  Don’t you steal my idea, Internet Thief!  I will hunt you down and, and, and…take your brain out and fiddle with it!  (Because I know how now)


I am a rambling idiot this morning, and I haven’t even had a whole cup of coffee yet.  I have to go now.  See ya.


Dr. Pammy Sue, Lackadaisical M.D. of Neurosurgery

A Woman-Owned, Home-Based Business, PhD, EEOC, LLC, Ltd, Incorporated

Walk-Ins Welcome


  1. Are the books you have read by Robin Cook? If not, you MUST read his books . . . they are SO GOOD!!! I don't read much anymore but when I was, I devoured everything he had written.

  2. Thank you Dr Pammy Sue~
    As for Jennifer, she is beautiful (and look her boobs are not floppy!)crooked bangs and all. Gosh, just think what the stylist charged & they are CROOKED! Good to know that crooked bangs are in style... I can do my own now!
    I read "Water for Elephants". Well, not the whole book. What I read about it made me anxious for a great book, but, I really did not enjoy it and quit mid way through. I also didn't care for The Shack, which is another top seller that everyone is raving about. I made it to the half way point and tossed it...
    For me it has to not only have an interesting storyline but the author has to be able to grab me & take me away! I need a book that I can get emerced in.
    Well, gotta go.. Ellen is almost on & I have some more blogs to catch up on before I tune in.

  3. No, they were not by Robin Cook. They weren't novels. They were non-fiction books by actual brain surgeons who do brain surgery nearly every day.

    I have read Robin Cook's books in the passed though!

  4. That picture doesn't even look like her - the reason her hair is like this because she's supposed to be looking like Brigitte Bardot and that's how she wore it back then with the bangs and the blonde hair... Sounds like everyone's trying to hang on desperately to their youth before it's all gone... sometimes I'm glad I'm not beautiful so I don't have to watch myself disintegrate LOL

    Happy reading - you sound like you could climb Mount Everest today LOL

  5. And you were worried about your boobs dangling?lol I guess this is just a way for Jennifer Aniston to promote herself. Maybe you made points with the neighbors?lollol

    Hugs XX

  6. You are sooooo funny! What a great sense of humor you have and another good read post. Thank God I don't need brain surgery.

  7. Again, I'm laughing out loud. Good thing I work most of the time by myself or they'd lock me away!! You are sooo funny Dr. Pam. You should do stand up comedy. I was thinkin' that maybe you had too much coffee and then read you hadn't finished your first freakin' cup yet. I know whatcha mean about working. I've been a lazy ass lately. I've a ton of paperwork to do today. BLAH. That's gotta be a wig on Jen and photoshopped, too. Don't go too crazy and Godspeed to complete your work, girl!

  8. Well Dr. Pammy Sue, I need a brain transplant. Set me up an appointment for when I come out for a visit. Hee hee!
    It is hard to stay disciplined when you work from home. It's so easy to get distracted!


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