Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crochet a Rainbow


Y’all go check out Sarah London’s new charity project benefiting the flood victim’s of Australia.  Be sure to read the info on how to join and she’ll send you some info in an email.


I’m feeling a tad calmer today than yesterday, thank goodness.  I hate it when I get that way.  Actually, the “high” part is kind of nice – full of energy and conquering the world and all that.  But what goes up must come down, and usually it’s a hard landing.


A Few Random Things

1.  I watched the premier of American Idol last night.  I loved watching Steven Tyler.  I think he’s going to be fun.  JLo… I can take her or leave her.  Whatever.  She seems nice.  I always get bored with these audition shows after the first couple of weeks.  Two hours is just too long to have to sit and watch.

2.  I crocheted more blocks together on my RED Granny Blanket last night.  I have 20 more to make and attach and then I can start the border. No more pictures until it’s done.

3.  Advanced Notice:  I am participating in Pay It Forward and will be posting that entry probably on Saturday morning.  The first three commenters “win” a handmade gift from me (if you want to participate and pay it forward).  Just letting you know it’s coming.

4.  It’s cold and rainy today and I love it, especially since I have no work (I’m jinxing myself here) and can light a fire in the fireplace and crochet all day.

5.  The hydrogen peroxide worked on my grout. There is no evidence of the Soy Sauce Spill in The Gulf my pantry.  Thanks, Momma!

6.  My kitchen timer just went off and I had not set it.  I went to turn it off and it refused to stop.  I had to take the batteries out.  Weird.

7.  I had a horrifying nightmare last night that lasted forever.  I swear it felt like it was two hours long.  I swear that every person I’ve ever met made an appearance in this nightmare to take their turn being killed.  Also weird.

8.  We have a new Super Walmart fixing to open VERY near us.  Yipee!  Too bad they only carry shitty yarn.

9.  What are you making for supper tonight?



Later, Taters


  1. I've stopped reading anything Sarah London related since my "incident" with her and the free pattern. Did you use the peroxide diluted with anything on your grout??

  2. Hi Pammy Sue,

    Glad you got the grout cleaned up. I'll keep that in mind for future use. I'm anxious to hear what everyone is making for supper tonight since I'm at a loss. I didn't know anyone called it supper anymore, 'cept for my parents!

    Cindy Bee

  3. Did you hear about WalMart, taking all the salt out,and making all of their bakery goods reduced sugar....AT Michelle Oblahs "encouragement".EWWWWW!Count me out.
    and I liked Steven Tyler too....

  4. Sandy ~ Nope, just straight hydrogen peroxide. I mopped the floors well and then poured it straight from the bottle and let it sit for 30 minutes before mopping up and letting it dry. I couldn't tell the stain was gone until it dried completely.

  5. TACO PIE Thats whats for dinner yum! Great post you crack me up!

  6. WHo is Sarah London and how do I findher?

    Supper tonight is at a local restaurant, Athens's . . traditional Greek and American food. They have a FANTASTIC open faced prime rib sandwich on Thursdays and we haven't missed a week since we discovered it. (This one of their specials o f the evening so the price is right.)

  7. 1) I love Steven Tyler!
    2) I am slowly working on my daughter's hexi tablecloth
    3) I don't normally do computer on the just doesn't occur to me, or I'm so busy I can't :o(
    4) The sun is finally out here but gone again tomorrow with probably your wet and cold :o( (I have the day off!!)
    5) I'll have to remember that. I'm glad it worked!
    6) Maybe you had an electrical surge??
    7) I hate nightmares! I took a Lunesta to sleep last night and still woke up 50 times.
    8) I have banned myself from Wally world for a while...I spend way too much money there. I go to the closer IGA and spend loads less!
    9) I don't normally cook supper - coffee for me. 3 very large cups before bed.

    Today is my Friday. :o)

  8. Spaghetti and meatballs and homemade rolls...well...with the bread machine, can I still call them homemade? :-) Have a great day, looking forward to seeing your blanket. (And, yes, I did have a lot of WIPS from last year that I ended up frogging when I cleaned out my yarn closet.) :-)

  9. I liked how Steven Tyler sang along and rocked out with all of the contestants... I had to chuckle a few times...

  10. Taco Pie... You know I need that one. Sorry, I've been quiet this week. It was a tough one, as the minister at our church, where we were married and good friends of the family passed. There were of 4000 at the funeral and wake over the last two days. He was sort of like Billy Gramham or the pope around here.

    Anyways, hope to be back up and running soon. Know I'll be in all weekend as were are going down to
    -20 they are saying.

    So, bummed I missed AI last night. Have to get caught up. I really haven't watched for years, but I'm thinking S.T. might be good.

    Can't wait to see your Red Blanket all finished. I'm down to the last 4 circle to border up, then put together. This is going to be a big one.

    Now, about that Taco Pie.

  11. I never watche the Idol show. I pretty much hate reality tv. Oh well..
    We're having a ham slice, mac and cheese, green beans, and maybe I'll make some pudding for dessert.

  12. You really are refreshing. Love your random thoughts. Might just have to try my own, although I think they might go on forever and ever and ever.
    Love you blog

  13. Stir fry for us tonight.

    Also, think that baking soda and lemon juice may have worked on the grout too, possibly toothpaste.

  14. Further to what Sandy was saying I noticed that Sarah had stopped the ICrochet and upon investigating saw where the link tool she was using is now charging to upload photos. That is why I started up a linky page to fill the void..

  15. I thought Idol was really good! I loved it tonight too.
    I am so tired...going night night now.
    : )

  16. Sorry don't watch idol. I know how could I not not into reality tv to much..
    glad to hear the grout is clean and will definitely save that info for use in the future...
    supper tonight is.... unknown at this point...
    but desert is done . made pudding last nite which no one ate..
    hugs from South Texas....Birgit


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