Sunday, January 09, 2011

Comment Left Yesterday:

"So, you do like telling it like it is so I'm telling you like it is too. You come across as harsh and mean and you are jealous you don't get enough attention. We're sick of your ranting about your projects that never follow through. Open the polls and see if I'm right."

By Anonymous on 1/8/11



  1. What a chicken sh!t. Here's a hint for sick of someone's blog....DON'T READ IT!

  2. Scandal at Scotty's Place.

    You can count me on Team P.S. Whoever counts snark and sarcasm as "mean & harsh" must not have ANY sense of humor. She/He must be a perfect in everyway Stepford crafty mommy blogger.

    P.S., btw, I would love to hang out in jammies with ya... specially if its warmer in Texas than here... but you prolly don't want the bug I'm recovering from. Oh, and also, QOW was talking about her "self", lol. I haven't hooked since Wednesday. And, I didn't eat pizza yesterday or watch sappy Halmark movies... I stuck with chex mix, diet coke, and crime & prison reality shows...teehee.

  3. Well thats a crappy thing to send. No one is making anyone read YOUR blog. If you want to rant, rave, and bitch about stuff once again it's YOUR blog. Must be nice to live in a perfect little world where everyone is always happy and upbeat. I need the address to that place cause see I live in the real world. Go ahead and open the polls, you got my vote. Keep on keeping on the way you have!
    ~MUCH Bloggy Love to ya!

  4. Huh? I don't get that at all from your blog! I see the idiot that wrote it "anonymously" was too chicken to leave their name.

  5. Oh dear!!! What's a girl to do? Why nothing my friend. You just keep keepin' on. Those who love your blog will be back, and those who don't should not visit. Period.

  6. WTF, Pammy Sue!?

    Must be that person's "time of the month". She needs to be doing it offline.

    We love your snark. LOL.

    Renee ;)

  7. Pam~
    I got a nasty like that a while back. I had posted about my Hubby's folks. I was told how full of sh*t I was & that our folks deserved better, shame on me...blah blah blah.
    Of course I had to respond.
    I told them that they obviously did not know me nor my folks & I really didnt care what this commenter thought. That, if they did not like what I wrote, DON'T READ MY BLOG! No one is forcing you. All that did was make them be more evil and try to make me feel Worse. (which it secretly dare someone write mean things to me?)
    So, PLEASE don't change how or what you write. I have loved your blog for too long to watch you start censoring yourself now. I feel I have too... Because of a few family members that read mine, I can't write my heart like I use too.

  8. We love you Pammy Sue.

    Tell that person to stick it. Don't read it.

  9. Ignore that crap Pammy Sue!!
    You've got loads of friends in blogland and someone is obviously jealous.
    *hugs* Em xxxxx

  10. Sorry anon, but if you don't like it, then hit that lil box with the cross on it in the right hand corner and sod off.

    This is Pammy's blog, where she is free to write what she likes, about what she likes, when she likes, as often as she likes. It is you, the reader, who makes the decision whether to read (and keep reading) or move on. She isn't inflicting herself on you, you are willingly inflicting all the things you see as negative on yourself! Seems a pretty stupid thing to me.

  11. Anonymous1:19 PM

    To know you is to love you. Obviously 'anonymous' doesn't really know you. And, if someone posts a comment like that, they should have the balls to leave their name. Love you Sister!

  12. Anonymous1:24 PM

    hilarious....some one needs to take off her mad panties and put her glad panties on. BP

  13. As someone posted on their blog, "Guess she needs to take out her BIG GIRL undies and suck it up!"

    Good, heavens . . blogland is the one place that you don't have to pay attention to anyone else if you don't want to.

    Why,in the name of the Blog Gods would she read your blog if she didn't like what you have to say?

    Keep up the good work . . . and the language and cadence you use :0}

  14. why visit a site if that's the way you feel? sheesh. people are just rude!

  15. Reminds me of that nasty one I got that time. Some people are just mean -- AND jealous.

  16. I love your blog! It's funny that "they" say you "come across as harsh and mean"....I think they do. I love reading your blog. You've made me laugh more than a time or two and I love your projects. I don't know of anyone who makes everything they start. I don't. :)

  17. I love what Queen of ...whatever said, "Blog Betch" That is perfect :)

  18. People who leave comments like that anonymously are just cowards. I've been reading your blog for a while now and think it's funny and sarky, which is great. If that anonymous person doesn't like it, then tough shit. They can bugger off. 'Scuse my language.

  19. yes Pammy the polls! I love your blog, your crocheting, and your tell it like it is attitude! And at least you own up to your comments!

    Cindy Bee

  20. OH...MY...GOODNESS!!!

    Well, I for one tell it like it is and happen to appreciate being in the company of others that do too and this little weasel who couldn't even publicly comment needs to go stick it!

    If you don't like it, freakin' don't read it! It wasn't freakin' written for you anyway jackass. It was written for those who "get it" and nobody is holding a gun to anyone's head to make 'em stay here and read it.

    With all that said...
    I personally LOVE you to death AND love reading your blog. You are one of the few online entities that I feel like is a "real" person...and I can relate to. Don't change a thing Pammy Sue!

    Love ya girl!
    Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.--William Wordsworth

  21. Oh My Pammy Sue! I can't believe people sometimes (ok, most of the time!) Don't let people like that get to you! I certainly don't feel you come across that way. I think you must be a sweeheart in fact and would love to be able to get to know you better!

  22. I love you just like you are. 'Flick' them!! LOL. That's pretty cowardly to leave an anonymous comment like that. Jerk!

  23. Seems to me that anonymous commentator is suffering from not having a name and address to send her vitriolic letter (cut out of newspaper headlines)to! If she had, it would have been a police matter for defamation of character.

    Get a Life, anonymous!

  24. I do believe the polls have spoken- landslide victory to Pammy Sue!

    Translation of anon's comment
    " I like spamming good people's blogs as I am a nobody. It is in fact me who is mean and jealous. I havent got the talent contained in your little finger and don't know one end of a crochet hook from the other. Ask your followers but they will all agree you are fab and funny and have an ace blog but I am anonymous proving I am a coward!"
    Maybe it is the afghans book author!lol



  25. Pammy Sue!

    Sounds to me like someone has too much time on their hands.

    ~ Susan

  26. Good grief! If ya can't be who you are in this world then who should ya be? PERFECT, HAPPY WORLD doesn't exist. I LOVE you because you're REAL Pam. You find the everyday and make it funny and I come here and laugh. You're a good friend and a fine soul!!! Love your blog and your projects.

    Now, Miss Antagonistic can go read elsewhere. THE POLLS HAVE SPOKEN.

  27. Did you really get this??? Some people do and say nothing but bad. Not worth the effort

  28. I say that's what the "delete comment" key is for! I love keeping up with your blog!

  29. My vote would be for Pammy Sue for sure I think your the best in my book. Great sense of humor and tells it like it is. You make day have laughter in it. Keep it coming gal. Take care my friend.

  30. You know, I don't comment much - I know, I should - but I don't.... but your blog is totally one of my favorites, if not my absolute favorite. I love your attitude, chickie, and totally thrive on your life! LOL

    If anon has nothing better to do than post trash on other people's blogs... and says you're snarky? Seriously.

  31. WHAT? I was gone for a couple of days and I miss all the action LOL - blogging should not be taken this seriously to get all worked up over...what unfinished projects? I think you get a heck of a lot more done than me and I don't even have a life (besides Gizzy) LOL - just ignore that comment. We love you just as you are :-)

    (and Gizzy does too)

  32. I am still your friend and love your blog. Even if I have not posted comments much I have been here lots.


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