Friday, January 21, 2011

Cheese Toes & A Top Secret


If you haven’t tried these, you must.  They are so good and so much better than the regular flavor.  I’m addicted.  YUM.


(That line above refuses to center.  Stupid Blogger.)

And now…

You are going to DIE!

I learned a fabulous beauty secret and I’m going to share it with YOU!

And I’m going to save you money.

Does anybody out there use make-up primer like I do?  It’s really fabulous stuff and it works as far as making your make-up stay on and fresh all day (or at least longer than without it).  BUT…

Instead of buying that high-priced make-up primer at Sephora or a drugstore or Department store or even Wal-Mart…


Wait for it…



Chafing Relief Powder-Gel!

It’s the same thing!

I got mine in the “feminine products” aisle at Wal-Mart…

Get This…

For $5.98!!

It works…I have it on now.


Who loves ya?



  1. I don't use a primer except under my eyeshadow. So you put this on and then put your liquid makeup on top of it? Does it look heavy like pancake makeup?

  2. HI-LARIOUS!!! I have no choice but to try it. I have the Sephora one...I like it, but c'mon it's 'spensive. Who Knew????

    Those Cheese Toes look yummy too....Glad Wal Mart has so many aisles....

  3. Wow what a tip, Pammy Sue...great!

  4. did you figure that out? btw

  5. Really? Thats amazing! How did you find this out? My friend swears by primer..I got to let her know thanks for the tip!

  6. If I wore make-up I would try this, butthe last time I wore make-up was when I got married . . December 20, 2003.

    Well, maybe a little eye make-up for weddings and funerals, but nothing else :0/ Just plain olde me.

  7. Well who knew? While I am there, I think I will pick up some Hemmorhoid sp? creme for my puffy eyes. I hear it works. I'll be gosh darned!!!

  8. You are such a Texan! Grandma Kitty (from Texas)use to use CRUEX (Jock Itch relief) on everything. She was always dabbing it on me & I would freak out!

  9. Just passed this tip along to my sister who's been thinking about starting to use primer

  10. Oh, I know the Cheeto guy well. Nothing better on those 2am snack runs. But, the anti-chap, I have to admit I've never tried on my face....novel new concept.

  11. I was cracking up when I read your fabulous tip!

  12. I love Cheetos soooo much! I haven't tried those kind but I will probably soon! :) Also, I have 2 Boston Terriers as well!

  13. No Sir!!! LOL, If you say so it must be true..I am gonna buy some cause I am one of the ones that hates paying for the Sephora. :-) Thank you~


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