Monday, January 03, 2011

Breaking News

But first...

Thank you to Heather and Paula for helping me out.  I'll try your ideas tomorrow.  In the meantime I managed to crochet the last round on 20 squares and go around one group of 4 with a round of black.

Come closer!  This is juicy gossip!

John Mellancamp just dumped his wife of 18 years for Meg Ryan!!  It's true!  I saw pictures!  She is such a little husband stealer (alledgedly).  She has screwed so many other women's husbands since she split with Dennis Quaid (because she was screwing Russell Crowe, someone else's husband).  She is NOT America's sweetheart.  And what is up with her f'd up plastic surgery face?  She was so cute and now she's just freaky looking.  And a HO.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


  1. when I was in Indiana a friends' nephew graduated from high school. One of Mellencamps children from his 1st marriage was in Purdue's class (John Purdue Jeffries . . his dad was a REAL Purdue Boilermaker Alum!)

    Jane was always so impressed that Mellencamop stood in one of the hallways so as not to draw any attention to himself. This always impressed me. Now, I'm not sure if I am impressed or not :0{

  2. Oh Pammy Sue....That Meg has been lookin' scary for a while. Why, Why, Why do they all end up messin their lips up?? Must be HO juice they're injectin' in em...just sayin'.

  3. LOL - you are too funny, but I agree, those lips are just treacherous! Don't you just want to rip them off? Yeah, let's frog those lips and start again LOL

    But you see, that I can say such things because I am perfect - NOOOOOOT!

    I think it's just her insecurities about getting old that makes her do those things ...and wacky hormones. I tell you what, my hormones have given me hell when I was young. I'm so glad that's over and done with. Now I can concentrate on crocheting and blogging. Have a great week!

  4. Oh dare to say what so many are thinking! You truly make me laugh OUT loud!!!
    About your gosh, you are FAST!!! I have so much I want to do. SO many things! I try to fit as much in as I can. But I still don't do nearly as much as I want. Sheesh!!

  5. LMHO Too much. Remember when she was just a sweet little soap opera actress, Betsy of Steve and Betsy. Now I can't even remember which soap that was..... eighties, maybe early eighties..... LMHO

  6. I was in Bloomington visiting my son a couple years ago. We took a drive over to a quaint little town. I was strolling down the sidewalk, and there he was.....John Mellencamp drinking coffee at an outdoor cafe. I snapped a picture with his permission. He is short and scrawny. Elaine is too pretty for him.
    He did get on his vintage Indian motercycle and boom out of town though.....his bike was hot, but not him .....I will post the pic on my blog. Meg Ryan is a hot mess these days....Rack up points for another lost Hollywood soul.

  7. How sad :( she must be incredibly insecure and has competition issues. Why go after someone else's husband, it's just cheap. When will people learn that it's what's inside, the kind of person you are not what you look like that matters? I'm all for improving what God gave ya and make-up, hair styles and exercising can make a huge difference. Surgery is just plain dangerous and should be used for life/death situations, IMHO.

    Now back to things that really matter! Can't wait to see your progress!

  8. Russell is hot, John is NOT.. I saw pics on them web of the two of them together and he reminds me of that old man with the old navy mermaid tattoos on his arm.. the kind you spot at flea markets that smell like B.O... what happened?? And what happened to Jack and Diane?!?!?

    (found your blog thru Anita)


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