Friday, January 28, 2011


I was all unhappy and pissy yesterday because I couldn’t crochet so The Captain forced me to leave the house and go walk around at a gigantic Antique Mall in Plano.  First we had lunch in their tea room with a bunch of 90-year-olds (we fit right in).  It was good but WAY over-priced just like most of the “antiques.”  It was nice to get out of the house for a while.  This is the only thing I bought:


Another Birdcage

Most of the birdcages I have are on top of my kitchen cabinets with some greenery in them.  A couple of them have a crochet bird inside.  I can’t resist a decorative birdcage.  Here are a few of them I already own. 

DSCF2604 DSCF2605



I thought I might sneak a little crochet in today and make a little birdie for the new cage.   I’m also contemplating taking those purple & yellow squares apart and sending them to Sarah London for the Crochet a Rainbow project.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m going to do.  I’d rather spend my time making something I love than something I don’t.  And speaking of those squares, someone wanted to know what the variegated yarn was I used on that last joining round.  It’s Hobby Lobby’s ILTY in Jazzed Stripe.

It’s going to be 71 degrees today and it’s all sunshine and blue skies as far as the eye can see.  The dogs are happy that I have the back door standing open so they can come and go.  Fletcher especially loves being outside.  I took these pictures a few minutes ago while he and Eli were playing tug-of-war.



I wish I had their energy!

Have a Happy Friday


  1. Real honest to goodness grass . . . ous is still buried under snow :0}

  2. Anonymous10:52 AM

    about your purple and yellow crochet,
    i think its that last row that doesn't look right, they're lovely up till that point, could you perhaps add a different color,

    love the red blanket,
    nice blog,

  3. Between antiques, crochet, and happy dogs...those are good ways to settle the soul.

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Cool bird cage!

    Yea we are supposed to get up to 67both Saturday and Sunday! My door will be open for sure. It's bout time huh?? :o)

  5. Your dogs are way cute. Couldn't you just sit, crochet and watch the pups play all day?

  6. Hope your elbow feels better today. Sorry you don't like your yellow and purple project, but I know how that is.
    I hope the weather will be that nice when I'm there. Only one more week to go!

  7. Geez, I hope your elbow gets feelin' better right quick. Great idea donate those darn grannies and is that a pink bra in your backyard they are tugging over?

  8. Pammy Sue, that's not another one of your bras that Fletcher and Eli have is it?

  9. I love the birdcages..I found one I want but I dont know what to do with it..It has been in a store for a while If I want it I should get it before its gone. I like the square one with the greenery very much. I would like to see the one with the birds closer I hope you show us! I cannot believe you got your hubs to go to a tea room..I dont think I could get mine in one...

  10. Crochet and antique shopping!! My favorite pasttimes! New follower.


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