Friday, December 17, 2010

Tester Wanted

I had a request for the yarn doily pattern in the previous post and wrote it up this morning.  If you would like to test this pattern and can get to it quickly, please let me know.

I'll post again when I have a volunteer or two lined up.

This will be a free pattern.  I just want to make sure it's correct before posting to the world.  Nothing is more frustrating than a shitty pattern full of errors, even if it is free!


  1. I volunteer to test it for you.

  2. I have so time and am looking for something to do. I'll be a tester!

  3. First, you were right in what you said last night, as I read today.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. I'd be happy to test this, but can't commit to anything new right now. How's about after the first, if you haven't found anyone else yet.

    Gray hair is better than having to pluck hair. Just me thought.

    Off to get some bagel chips


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