Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So Pretty & Fun

I had a great time crocheting these pretty decorative “potholders” last night.  I put potholders in quotes because squares like these don’t make good potholders with the flowers on them, in my opinion.  Something this pretty should be seen and not touched anyway, right?

(I haven’t crocheted the rings on yet)

(Crocheted to the fronts with an sc around)

I just love these.  They are so thick and plush with the additional square crocheted to the back and the little flower is so dainty looking.  I really don’t want to give these away, but I’m going to.  I can always crochet myself a set if I want to later, and I probably will.  The best gift is one you want to keep for yourself, amiright?
This wonderful and unique square was created by Debi Y. of Hooks & Yarns and it’s FREE!  I say “unique” because I’ve never seen a flower and leaves done this way on a square.  It’s different and easy to do.  Thank you, Debi, for sharing your take on the Flower Granny Square.  It’s a keeper and one I will use again and again.
It was 85 degrees here in Dallas, Texas yesterday!  Can you believe that at Christmastime?  Today it has turned much colder and much more appropriate for Christmas weather.  I’m going to go light a fire in the fireplace and see if I can get interested in crocheting something else.  These squares were the first thing I’ve made in five days.  I think that might be a record string of days with no crochet for me this year!
Have a great day!


  1. Gorgeous Pammy Sue...these are on my list too!

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Ya done good, Pam. They ARE to pretty to use as potholders. Where are you going to hang them?

  3. They turned out real pretty Pammy Sue. I'm glad you like the pattern. Thanks for the link-up. :)

  4. LOVE double layer "granny" pot holders . . as you know.

    Will have to place these in my "make for Next Christmas" file. If I start in January, maybe I can get 9 (+?-) sets done for next year.

    If I don't Comment again, before Christmas, I hope you, the Capitan and the fur~babies have a joyous day.

  5. Hi Pammy Sue, just wandered over and what a fun visit to your blog. GREAT crochet work, but your fur buddies are even greater! Used to visit Dallas a lot when I worked for a healthcare company there and I remember how warm it got. Enjoy your holidays!

  6. Very pretty!

    Have a wonderful Christmas Pammy Sue!

  7. Hi Pam.. I LOVE your pretty potholders, AND those beautiful gingham baskets just behind them!!.. As for the cookies, I'm making them right NOW, and they look REALLY GOOD! I was a little worried how hard they might be to monkey with them, getting them to shape nicely.. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and am easily FRUSTRATED! (0; My back is killing me hanging over them, as I make them too, but I'm really very happy with how they're coming out, so give them a try! ~teener

  8. Those are too pretty to actually use. I'd hang them on the wall as kitchen art.


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