Monday, December 27, 2010




Today I’m pondering how I want to cover this lampshade.  I love the lamp, but it’s a really weird shape.  That is actually one of the reasons I love it.



This is from the side.  It looks like this picture is stretched to make it appear taller than it is, but it’s not.  It’s really skinny when you turn it to the side, and really fat when you turn it straight-on.




In that first picture you can see how it is slightly bell-shaped and wider at the bottom.  I’d have to make some increases in whatever stitch I choose to cover it in, which is why I don’t think I’ll do squares of any kind.  I do want some kind of open weave so more light will come through.  Maybe just a straight granny stitch?  I don’t know.  Like I said, I’m pondering it. 




This is a rose I crocheted when I was making that teapot cozy.  It’s SUPER-SIZED.  It measures 4 inches wide by 3 inches high.  I didn’t realize how big it was when I started it, but it took me an hour to finish it.  The “Ch 65 to begin” should have been a clue that it was going to be too big for the top of the pot.  It actually fit the top of the pot perfectly, but that’s all that would have fit and it looked silly.  It’s a very pretty rose though.  I’ll have to find another use for it.  Pattern for it is free HERE.


I need to go to the grocery store today.  Do you think everybody else in America is going too?  I’m sure it will seem like it when I get there.  I found some really great-looking recipes for main meals while surfing the Internet over the holidays that I need ingredients for.  I’ll be sharing them if they turn out well.

Just for the record, I am NOT making any New Year’s resolutions this year, especially not to lose weight!  I’m so over it.  Fat and Happy is my motto.  Enjoy life and just stop worrying about being a little (or a lot) on the heavy side already!  I do need to eat a little healthier, take a walk a few times a week, and cut down on the sugar, however.  THAT I can handle giving another try and I will.   Soon.  Maybe.  I’ll ponder that one too.


  1. The lampshade is begging for a piece of fabric and then if you wanted to you could add a border with crochet, lace, ribbon or leave as is. Beads were in but personally I'm over that trend. What are you thinking you want to do with it?

    Resolutions are out here too! I do hope to stop worrying and to relax more.

  2. lovely lanmpshade!

  3. OR you could just crochet a band for the top of the shade and the bottom of the shade, leaving the middle the way it is or put a different fabric on it ORRRRRR you could use some craft paint and sponge paint it.

  4. I think a V-st or shell pattern would look nice. :)

  5. HMMMM...That lamp shade needs some retro flower print fabric. I dont understand why that rose is so big. It is lovely....but.....big

  6. You know what I was thinking when I saw the shape of that lampshade? It is a perfect surface for painting on it...maybe puffy paints? I don't know, I'm just speculating...or you could use green (for instance) paint and just sponge it on lightly and then add crocheted flowers throughout - that would be cute too...I guess it just depends what decor it needs to match.

    I love that rose! I like using those for sewing on to my crocheted beanie type hats for the ladies!

    I'm thinking the same thing about New Year's Resolutions this year- I'm not going to set myself up for failure. I'm doing small changes, little by little, in baby steps - that I can handle. I can eat healthier/less and add an extra round when I walk down by the lake with Gizzy. I can just push him around the last time and it'll be for my benefit.

  7. I love Clara's idea it would look neat with a fabric of your choice for sure. I love your tea cozy and roses too. I just pop in to see what you been doing as always you make my day. I gave up on resolutions to diet just eat heathly. People come to see you not your weight. Well girlfriend I will keep in touch. Lots happening here too. Take care my friend.

  8. I would like to keep the ETSy shop a royal name...T.H. doesnt want it to be all about me...hehehe

  9. Hi Pammy! Love the shape, too. Here's a pretty cover:
    I agree that a more openwork stitch would allow for more light. Can't wait to see whatcha choose. Pretty tea cozy. I'll have to make one when I unpack my teapot whenever the H*** that is! Meanwhile I'll admire yours. OXOX

  10. Hey Pammy Sue,

    What if you did an open weave crochet pattern for the lamp, and not increase. Just slide it down as far as it will go, then put a ring of those roses around the bottom edge of the shade? Just an idea.

    Cindy Bee

  11. That is a really cool lamp...I love the shape. Happy New Year.


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