Saturday, December 11, 2010

Magic Balls





I made several magic balls this morning with all shades of green with one yellow every now and then.  I’m going to start on a magic blanket today.  It’ll be plain (Just DCs) holding one strand of the greens and one strand of black and using a Size K hook.  I thought about making these balls and afghan last night after I went to bed, and that’s all I did all night long.  I thought about all the shades of green I had, I wondered whether I had enough black yarn in my stash, I thought about striping the yellow in – not too much, just a little now and then, I thought about what border I would do and whether I’d do it in solid green or solid black or both, and I wondered where that box of magic balls I made over a year ago went.  I drove myself nuts all night.  Needless to say, I didn’t sleep.  So first thing this morning I got up and started winding and tying on new colors, winding some more, winding, winding, winding.


Hmm…that’s an awful lot of yellow in that one ball.  I may have to unwind some of it before I begin.  It looks like I got a little carried away with that one.


I’m off to dc my little heart out.  Bye.


  1. Love those magic balls. I love to have a "ball" made for me at the shop. It comes out like a little cake, I think. Happy DC'ing!!!

  2. Wow Pam I've got to see this one and would you explain exactly what you're doing? Just connect all the yarns and crochet 'til you run out? Don't mean to sound stupid but I don't know.

    Hugs XX

  3. LOL Pam,

    not a bad color yellow though- might make a great magic blanket for a boy, but if you really want magic balls make them like YOU like them. Hope you're getting better- always takes too long.

  4. Some one looks to be FINALLy feeling a little better. This is very interesting. You know I've wanted to see the magic balls in play, as there are none around here...he-he... Please give me an update as you go along. Are you cutting and tye-ing in the middle or something. Not sure how you are actually winding these.

    BBQ Chicken in the Crocker. Scott is on card address label duty and I... well I'm playing with your Dreamsicle pattern and a rice cover, in between wrapping the Ka-Bosh Balls. Which won't being going out today, as it's raining ice right now and then turning to snow {5inches 45mph winds} and then down to 0 and all by Sunday night. And I haven't book March in Floriday yet, because?

    Stay in, Stay Warm and Send Ken for a Mickie-D run again. Make him feel useful.....



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