Saturday, December 18, 2010

Eli & Fletcher

Eli and Fletcher were jealous that I featured Sammi yesterday and didn't show a picture of them too so this is for them.  I took their pictures this morning while having my first cup of coffee in weeks in the backyard.

Elijah (Eli)
"Don't hate me because I'm gorgeous!"

Beautiful, dominant over the other dogs, a picky eater, will not kiss you on the mouth (like you are the one that's nasty), Daddy's boy, hoards all the toys, friendly with all people, has a jealousy streak a mile long, only minds when you make him, spins in a tight circle when excited, light as a feather and has the softest of soft fur.

Fletcher (Fletch)
"Do not touch my toy!"

Emotionally scarred from being kept in a small cage alone the first four months of his life before I rescued him (i.e. crazy), aggressive but submissive to Eli most of the time even though he's bigger and much stronger, sweet on Sammi, Momma's boy, loves to be picked up, held and carried (this makes him instantly calm no matter what is happening at the time), will bite you really hard (playing) so you must be careful around him, talks to us all the time by barking and howling, smart as a whip, minds very well and is very sweet.


The testers are finished with their doilies.  I'm waiting for them to be blocked and photographed before showing them to you and posting the pattern.  I can't wait to see them and the colors they chose.


  1. You forgot to mention the unusual sound that Eli makes when you come home! It's like a scream instead of a whine or a bark.

  2. Two really cuties! You are so clever with your writing Pammy Sue! I enjoy your blog so much.

  3. Patsy ~ that's Fletcher that does that. He opens his mouth and screams a really loud, weird scream when someone rings the doorbell or when we get home. I've never heard anything like it from a dog. I'll have to get that on video for you sometime.

  4. Is Eli a long-haired Chihuahua?...or a Spitz? I think she (is it a girl?) is very pretty.

    Gizzy screams sometimes after I return from a shopping trip or doctor's visit (I normally take him with me everywhere) and sometimes it really hurts my ears LOL

    That's just cruel to leave a pup alone in a small cage for the first four months - that would scar someone! So sad, but I'm very glad you rescued Fletch. No wonder he's momma's boy!

    That was a fun post. I enjoy animal stories ;-)

    p.s. those doily testers were quick!

  5. Doris ~ Eli is a Papillon. He is a BIG Papillon. Usually they are much smaller, like 5-7 pounds. He is 13 lbs!

  6. Oh, that's right -now that you mention it, it's so obvious...what a pretty little dog!

  7. Love the description of your fur babies. They are cute and I feel like I know them now... :-)Can't wait to see how the testers came out and what colors they used!

  8. It is so obvious that you love your fur babies so much. And deservedly so!

  9. I love you Pammy! And your silly dogs w/ the captions make me laugh. Have a Blessed Christmas♥

  10. Hi Pammy Sue,

    Haven't seen your blog for awhile...I've just adopted a new dog, a Welsh Terrier, and we have something that we 'took in' a couple of months ago that looks a bit like Eli. We call him Dixie Doodle...they are wild things...but they're learning.

    Cindy Bee

  11. The look in Fletcher's eys, and his paw on the toy, just crack me up. Your little guys are so sweet! I look forward to reading your blog every day. :)


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