Sunday, December 05, 2010

Dear Lord...

If you could make it so that I don't piss my pants every single time I cough, that would be great.  Thanks.


Update at 3:15 pm Sunday: I got in at the 24-hour clinic.  Repiratory infection and inner ear infection.  Got antibiotics and other junk, along with a new pack of undies.  I know, TMI.  Should be on the mend this time tomorrow.


  1. Detrol is great. You are not alone with this problem (sigh).

  2. Dear Pammy Sue...
    I have great tasks and things to take care of . Your pee pants are concerning, and I am sorry your sickly, but don't you know that The Queen of Whatever is in need of council.
    WHy, she will be unemployed soon, for goodness sake!
    I must be on high alert for HER....go get some Depends or just stuff some toilet tissue .....while I try to figure out Queen's future
    Yours Lovingly

  3. Hate the cough/pee combination . . . hate the sneeze/pee one too.

    Hope the antibiotics do their job.

    \0/ paula

  4. I hate that! I had to go to Phsyio-therapy for some similar about fun..again too much info! LOL

  5. LMAO! Your a hoot! Feel better!

  6. Or when I turn the tap on to wash the dishes...

  7. Sorry to read you're poorly, and that you will soon get better.
    Now, regarding the pee situation, been there and had surgery (fallen bladder), and I still pee with any physical extertion. I don't have much of a life....ack!

  8. I hope you get to feeling better very soon. :)

  9. Glad to see you go in. I had that buzz in my head too from an ear thing-ie... yuck...

    By the way, love the purple cowl too.

  10. Okay...ROTFLMAO!!!! Don't forget about the (whispering)long pads. It'll help but when you're on a coughing jag, you can go through a package of 40 in a couple of days. Sorry.

  11. I would LOL at this but I know it's not funny.... some heavy pads will help for the time being and hopefully the antibiotics etc. Hope you feel better soon!

  12. Anonymous12:56 PM

    amen! I can't laugh or sneeze either with out "letting go". My MD says, "welcome to your 40's"


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