Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pillow Ta-Dah!

But OH NO…







It’s such a shame because…


All I can see are BOOBS!!  Gah!

How did that happen?

Why Lord?

Why didn’t I see it sooner?

Twenty-Four Hours of Crocheting…

And it’s totally ruined for me.


  1. Oh my gosh, I didn't or wouldn't have noticed until you mentioned it but now I see...but in one of your recent posts didn't you show a sign about loose women frequenting the joint? It could be useful for one of them when they visit, you know, to make them comfortable.

  2. Give it to someone as a Christmas gift....someone who didn't read this! I didn't see boobs until you said that!...but yeah....

  3. Omg - that's hilarious - I see them too! :)

    (Sorry. Maybe you can cover up the dark brown with smaller flowers.)

  4. ~did you have to say that? Now I see them too!~ haha

  5. Well, now that you mention it I could see how you saw that but I didn't think that when I first looked at the pix. It's pretty and very Thanksgiving-ish. You could always sell it on etsy to a boob man. Just kidding. I'm sure that you could fix it by adding some petals just outside of the brown centers that way you wouldn't have to take it apart, you'd just add to it. Either way, it's pretty.

  6. I don't see boobs, just big puffs of love. It turned out really really nice. I would love to see close up and personal. The back is wonderful too. Nice job.

    Enjoy Vamp night,

  7. I love the pillow i would see the boobs if u hadnt said anything

  8. It just looks like a beautiful pillow to me Pam. I love it.

    Hugs XX

  9. You crack me up.
    Consider it a conversation piece.
    Thanks for the help today on my elf hat.

  10. I don't see any boobs. I see lovely autumn colors.

  11. If this were in reds, white and pinks I'd offer you money for it. I love it, boobs and all. Hugs. Tammy

  12. Sorry Pammy Sue...I don't see the boobs if that makes you feel any better! It's beautiful!

  13. I see the boobs, but I love it anyway, since I think the "boobs" are supposed to be sunflowers!

  14. Pammy I don't see any boobs, I think you are just trying to make a different pillow. Relax and just show your great work, everyone will love it.

  15. Boobs? Where? I think it's very Thanksgivingy.... :o) I love the colors.

  16. maybe to solve the ....problem you see...... pasties!!! in the form of more flowers!!!!

  17. Hahahhahaha, I definitely didn't see the boobs till you mentioned it, and even then, I had to really think about it. Now, of course, I see them.

    Perhaps no one else would notice it if you don't mention it?? Or, as I think others have said, just proudly make this the boob pillow. Completely avant-garde crochet! IN YOUR FACE, GUEST OF MINE.


  18. You crack me up! Great pillow! Love the colors...

  19. I was O-h-h-h-ing and A-h-h-h-ing then had to go back and figure out what you saw. yepper . . you were right, nipples, nipples everywhere!

    Maybe you can sell it in an X-rated store? Ya Think?

    \0/ paula

  20. Hee hee... didn't see it til ya said it... now I see it and it cracks me up. hee hee hee... yes, try covering the nipples with flowers - I think that might work.
    Caz :)

  21. Pammy Sue.... I'm a lesbian and I see no boobs.... I think that out of everyone, I'm the most qualified to notice these sorts of things... you just go ahead and enjoy your cushion!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha

  22. Crochet with raymond11:59 PM

    OK, no, I changed my mind... I scrolled back up and had a look at the top pic where it is not resting on it's corner... quite booby I agree now! ha ha ha

  23. HA HA! I see them now too, since ya mentioned it! It's still a great pillow and I love the flowers and colors :)



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