Sunday, November 07, 2010

November 7th

Forgive me.  I couldn't think of a title.

I just finished reading a great book: The Scalpel and the Soul, by Allan Hamilton. Loved it.

I’ve had a hankering for some pecan pie the last week or so. I decided to make some Pecan Pie Bars this morning. That’s not something I usually make, so I just got this recipe off of and cut it down to 24 servings instead of 36 and used a 9” x 13” pan. They have a handy little calculator doo-hickey on their site so you can do that easily. Since the egg quantity came out to 2-2/3 eggs, I just used 3. I got to use my Cuisinart Food Processor for the crust too…and as quick as a pulse, pulse, pulse, I had my butter perfectly cut into my flour. Nice.

I dilly-dallied around with some crochet yesterday but accomplished nothing. I frogged everything I tried. I didn’t frog the sea-colored ripple I started the day before though. I plan to keep working on that. I think I want to work on a doily or something like that this week instead of an afghan. Not sure exactly what yet. I plan to dilly-dally again today.

I’m watching the NASCAR race right now. They’re here this weekend, but we decided not to go. The Captain was scheduled to work all weekend anyway.

Oh, I got some Black Cohosh for my hot flashes. I’m only going to take it at night and see what happens. Will keep you updated on how I think it’s working.

Gonna run.  See ya.


  1. Hi Pammy Sue, love your blog and i'm looking forward to hearing how the black cohosh is helping (or not). I too am 'suffering' the hot flashes and have not found anything to really help except prescription medicine which i don't want to use, good luck! :)

  2. Black cohosh worked really well for me until my doc told me not to take it. Seems that if you shouldn't take hormone therapy then the black cohosh isn't good for you either. Oh well, I'm just hot stuff now lol!

  3. Black Cohosh worked great for me. It didn't completely aleviate them but it really did help. Be sure and read up on Black Cohosh online. I read that you shouldn't take it longer than a certain length of time because it can cause some problem...can't remember what it was. I'll go look and see if I can find it and e-mail you.

  4. I think TH was just talking of the Black cohash....odd

  5. Did you notice that after your comment I added a sentence to my give-away . . . . so make sure you sign up everyday . . I have a feeling not many have . . .I haven't checked the chart, just a gut feeling.

    Those pecan pie bars look like I could just smack them on my hips and call myself happy . . . . .YUMMO to the 10th degree.

    \0/ paula

  6. Now I'm HUNGRY... Kate made me thirsty with her pics of Margartitas... and yuo make me hungry with the Pecan Bars...UGH!!! ;-) But you gave me the recipe... ;-) Bless Your Heart!!!
    I hope the hot flashes are getting lesser and lesser.

  7. Let me know about your hot flash stuff. I am about to scream with mine. SO bad!!

  8. Your pecan bars look so yummy! Being from the South, pecan pie is one of my favorites, unfortunately, I can't make one worth a darn! Thank goodness there is a pecan grove down the road that has a gift shop and I can buy one anytime I want!

  9. My hot flashes are really bad at night time. I do have them during the day but not near what I have at night. I wake up so many times throwing the covers off. Doc said to take black cohosh but some I've talked to have said not to. So I haven't taken anything. I'm not one to take stuff unless I absolutely need to. I'm hoping they will go away

  10. Don't you love I'm a subscribing member and that lets me make adjustments to the recipes and save them. This morning I made a breakfast bread that was really good from that site.

    Now, get back to work! We want to see you get your work done so you can get back to some crocheting.


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