Thursday, November 11, 2010



I just made these.  I have to be careful because

I could eat the whole mess before I know it.


Candied Pecans

1 egg white

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla

Cinnamon/Sugar Mix

2 cups pecan halves


Preheat oven to 300.  Line a cookie sheet with wax paper and spray with Pam.

Beat egg white with an electric mixer until stiff.  Stir in brown sugar and vanilla until well-combined.  Add pecans and stir until well-coated.  Pour pecan mixture onto cookie sheet and spread out to a single layer.  Bake at 300 for 15 minutes.  Remove and stir.  Mixture will be sticky.  Sprinkle with a mixture of 1 Tbsp white sugar and 1 tsp cinnamon and stir again.  Place back into oven and bake for an additional 5 minutes.  Remove and let cool completely until hardened.  Break apart and store in an airtight container.


And here is something that may not be as appealing to some of you.


This is the last bite of my supper last night…a tuna sushi roll that I bought at Whole foods.  YUM.

That is all.  Please carry on.


  1. Hmmmm...Pam, those candied nuts look deeeeelightful, but the sushi............uhhhhh...not so much.

  2. Candied Pecans..YUM!

    Sushi...YUK! (good photo though)

  3. I've not had Sushi for eons...I don't eat the raw fish sushi, I use the California roll or I could do the tuna roll - as long as the fish is cooked ;-)
    I love this time of year because everyone's cooking and baking and the house smells sooooo gooood :-)

  4. I am so printing this out right now before nap time. I have wanted to make these for a long time. One word of warning...W.F. can be dangerous, very, very dangerous.

  5. p.s. I know this tuna wasn't cooked, but I would only eat it if it's cooked. I think I figured out why I like sushi (well, the faux version) is because I love pickled ginger and the wasabi LOL

  6. That recipe looks good! Thank You!

    Hey... I thought nuts were good for you???


  7. Love the nuts.. Hubby likes them too. I make them once in a while cause they are so addicting. Can not just eat
    Hugs from South Texas. Birgit

  8. I'm with Doris, love the California rolls with wasabi. The pecans look so

  9. The pecans look like they would make a great Christmas gift :0}

    \0/ paula

  10. Good thing I'm not you...that whole plate of pecans would be gone!!! And I love sushi that is cooked. I could live on fried octopus I'm hungry.

    PS/Can you tell I don't have any willpower when it comes to food? lol

  11. Wow! You make some yummy dishes! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Peans, YES.

    Sushi, NO. Sorry.

    Should be a poll. ;)



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