Friday, November 12, 2010

My Friday Start

I was rudely awoken this morning by two blasts on the doorbell by the yard man.  They had come to do the last mow of the season and he wanted to let me know.  Um, okay?  I don't give a shit!  Especially so early in the morning.  That's what I thought, but instead I politely said, "Okay, thank you," through the crack in the door.

But then I remembered that my bra, Eli's favorite new toy (remember that?), was laying in the grass in the backyard.  Yes, he's still carrying it around.  I hurriedly got dressed and ran outside to retrieve it before the yard crew got back there.  Whew!  Awkward situation avoided.  Although, I'd love to have seen the face on one of those men when he came across it and pick it up so he could mow the grass.

Then I came in and fed the dogs, did a little clean-up in the kitchen, as always, and got my first cup of coffee.  As I put the creamer away in the fridge, I spied the lovely raspberries I had bought two days ago.  My mouth instantly started watering.  "I'm going to have these for breakfast!" I said out loud to the dogs.  "Mmm...fresh raspberries!  Cool and tart and refreshing!"  Eli hung on every word.  Sammi may have opened one eye to see what I was yammering about now, but I'm pretty sure she just ignored me.  Fletcher said, "Do they taste like meat, Momma?"

I turned on the cold water to give them a quick rinse, got out my strainer, and dumped the beautiful raspberries inside...


Sorely disappointed, I dumped them down the drain and turned on the garbage disposal.  "Goodbye sweet raspberries!  I'll just eat some dirt instead," I said a little too dramatically.


  1. You should have left the bra out on the lawn and gotten a picture of when they found it !!! THAT would have been a blog moment!!!
    Raspberries are so tender and they spoil so quickly. Really irritates me!!! Hope you didn't have to eat dirt for breakfast. That just doesn't stay with me when I have that in the morning!!! Happy Friday!

  2. Sounds like someone took too long of a nap yesterday and didn't get to sleep last naps today. Don't you just hate that when the razzies are bad.

    Maybe, the yard guy was looking for his season end tip. They have a way of doing that here.

    I think I'm off to HomeGoods to have a look around while Liz is cleaning. Ahhhhh. to have a clean house for the weekend...

    you know who

  3. Oh No.they go over real fast,. coffee and no raspberries today. Hope you have a wonderful day..Hugs from South Texas. Birgit

  4. I laughed all through your post this morning Pammy Sue! You are so funny!

    I'm looking all around the house seeing stuff to clean. I just cleaned the powder room. That's about all I can handle today. After all I am retired. I think it is time to call the Merry Maids and get back on schedule with them doing the cleaning. Anyways I'ld rather crochet than clean.

  5. Bummer! I hate it when the raspberries go bad. :o( And yea, I talk to Leo like you talk to your babies. There was a thing on the news here last night where someone lit fire to what looked like a lab and the poor baby survived and I just felt so bad. This is a time when an eye for an eye is called for. Anyways...I told Leo that he had it damn good, that his mama really loved him. He just looked up at me with this look like...I know, why do you think I hang around? LOL. But I was so mad about that can anyone do that to a poor defenseless dog??? They better get the jerk...

  6. PS/ Have a wonderful weekend Pammy Sue!


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