Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ma’am, I’m Afraid You’ll Have to Leave…

Thanks for your comments and suggestions on the pillow.  I think Annie Liz was the first one to suggest that I add flowers to those four "boob" squares so they look less like tah-tahs.  A couple of other people made the same suggestion.  That's a great idea!  I just panicked and didn't think about a solution.  I will definitely be adding some flowers to it this weekend.

For now it's back to the Buttercream Blanky.


I love this cottage cheese.  I can't eat any other kind.  I eat two to three of these per week.  I always have a few spoonfuls for breakfast and to take my morning pills with.  (I sound like my Granny!)  Love it.


My beloved coffee.  I use up more than one of these a week between The Captain and me.  It’s the best.  There’s nothing else like it.  I’ve tried them ALL.  I will buy generic of nearly anything except my coffee.  No scrimping there.  It’s one of my joys.  I’ll probably wish I had all that money back some day when I’m on a retirement budget!  Ah, well.


Is there anything better than a really-really-really brown grilled cheese samich?  I think not.  Give me a grilled cheese and some bread & butter pickles and I’m a happy girl.    Sometimes I make them open-faced and burn the cheese under the broiler.  TO DIE FOR!



Another of The Captain’s back porch signs.  He put this one up just for me.  I’m removed quite often.  WHAT?! 




  1. Those boobs crack me up... I wondered if I would have noticed if you made us guess? tee hee.

    I decided today that Caron Simply Soft if my favorite yarn. I love them all... going to make some yummy gifts. I bought more yarn so I can get goin on my cupcake blanket as well. I'll be plugging away on it... in between Christmas hats and scarves.

    Hope you have a GLORIOUS weekend! Q, Bee Lady, and I are going to B-Dubs for wings tonight. I will make sure they behave.

  2. That is one of our favorite coffees too! Mr. S. likes that and the Italian Roast... we usually switch between the two. I have so many empty coffee bags I want to try to make a tote bag out of them!

  3. MMMM...I haven't had a grilled cheese in sooooooo long. I love 'em. Not so hot about the cottage cheese though.

  4. Hello Pammy Sue,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!
    I love your crochet and although I couldn't see the 'boobs' I had to laugh that you did, I hope you manage to sort it out!
    I'm looking forward to following you from now on.
    Em xxxx

  5. I'm glad there is a solution to your chee chee pillow problem.

    Don't forget the Fritos with that grilled cheese (my favorite sandwich in the whole wide world! AND...I like them toasted dark too..haven't tried burning the cheese though...)

  6. Great to chat...

    I swear you and I are two peas in a pod. My favorite lunch too...except I'm Large Curd and Dean's only.

    Can't wait to see how the flowers look added...

  7. Oh my Coffee is a def must here. has to be something good and starbucks italian or expresso is yummy... I do use Folders on occasion hubby doesn't like starbucks to often But I have my little machine so I can enjoy..
    Now not so on the cottage cheese its doable I guess but have to be in the mood for it.
    Now grilled cheese.......yummy..with regular pickles or cherry tomatoes and a glass of milk.
    ....Hubby likes them open faced made in the oven with loads of ham and salami and different cheeses like munster and havarti and such...
    Now I am sure you never swear or curse,,,, just like me.. Never Ever......
    Hugs from South Texas...Birgit

  8. Your blogs are written so well . . I almost feel like I am sitting in your home with you as you explain things . .and laughing with you.

    :0} paula

  9. Oh Pammy always make me smile!!!

  10. hey on the lookout Saturday for a box... I like the Michigan Cottage Cheese (small curd)

  11. Hi Pam, Yup I eat a bunch of the Knudsen kind of cottage cheese same kind dif name (Breakstone), east of the Rockies. I splurge on coffee, too. I like to buy organic since they use so many pesticides on coffee beans. Most beans are grown outside of the USA and who knows what they use on 'em. BTW, I don't eat anything grown/made in China. Too polluted and not enough inspections either. Remember the dog food, p-nut butter and lead paint on toys? Have a fab wknd and get some petals on those titties. PS, I agree with Paula's comment! Oh! and Yay for Maca!

  12. Oh, I forgot to say that I agree, grilled cheese sa'miches are the BESTEST! YUM

  13. Hello there! Just found your lovely blog. Your last post made me laugh. The cushion is lovely and I really wouldn't have seen 'boobs' if you hadn't mentioned them. But.... I see what you mean! It doesn't stop me liking it though. If it was on my sofa it would make me smile. Ros


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