Monday, November 22, 2010

Little of This, Little of That

I started a few new things this weekend since I was not in the mood to work on anything I’ve already started.  (Shocking, I know.)  So here we go…



The square I started… It’s not 12 inches like I stated in my previous post.  It’s just 8 inches when complete, although I crochet loose so it’ll probably be 9 or 10.  This is just the middle part.  The color reflected in this picture is not right.  The below picture shows the true color.



This is from Leisure Arts 2986

Contest Favorites, Afghan Squares

I ordered the book just for this one pattern, but there are 30 square patterns in the book.



This is the table runner I started and am about to the half-way mark…you work from the center out and then come back and do the other side.  I need to run to H.L. today for another skein of wool before I can finish it.  I’m using four different colors, one of which is variegated.



I love the fall colors of it.  Everything in my house is one of these colors it seems.  I’m a lover of all things brown.  (Except men.  Hee-hee.)  Behave, Pamela.  Okay.



And finally…

I started the Cable Cushion Cover.


It just seemed like a big mess at first.  It really seemed like I was doing it all wrong, but I followed the instructions carefully and just kept with it.  Finally it began to take the correct shape, but I was worried there for awhile.  It tends to curl up on the starting edge and just feels like a big lumpy wad of yarn at first.  To be honest, that’s what it still feels like, but you can see how it’s taking shape.  I’m confident it will turn out perfectly.  Ah-hem.



Here’s a picture of it so you can see the curling first row or two.  And this is after much pulling and patting and bending and shaping.  I’m using Vanna’s Choice, but I’m not sure what the color is called.  It looks like linen…a very muted tweed, sort of.  I’ll have to look at the label and get back to you.







2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion                   Dang, he’s cute.


Jimmie Johnson's five consecutive NASCAR Sprint Cup championships from 2006-2010 are a feat accomplished by no other driver.  Nobody here cares except me, but I had to mention it!



  1. Can't wait to see your table runner when it's done! I've been wanting to make one, but NO TIME! (waaaaaah!).. or at least not as much as I'd like! I haven't caught any nascar, just football.. Are you happy to see Dallas winning a couple games, now that they have a new head coach? Jason Garrett.. He's kinda cute too, I think!.. kinda, sorta.. I like his smile! ~tina

  2. You're right - Jimmie Johnson is cute. I may have to start watching NASCAR!

  3. Hey! Mr. Jimmie winner is a hunk-o-licious! Wow, 5 years in a row, cool. As I don't follow NASCAR even if I do have 5 brothers, I am into cars. I think it's a SoCal mentality. I do love to drive fast and (so far as I knock on wood) I've never caused an accident and only had a few fender-benders from others and not my fault. I always wanted to drive a race car around the track really fast. I'm just not that great of a spectator. I like to do things, try things at least once...although not bungee jumping or jumping outta-of a plane. OK I'm rambling, too much coffee.

    I LOVE the new green square you're workin' on. With a thinner yarn and smaller hook just like it is right now, round in a shimmering gold yarn it would make a pretty tree ornament, just sayin'. Your table runner is really pretty, too and can't wait to see the cable cushion. Love your purple slippers!

    Yes, Pammy Sue you are right!!! I had no business moving that fridge. Have a fab week!

  4. I do agree with on jimmy johnson hes a cutie! I love watching nascar

  5. Me and Big Daddy care! Jimmy is from our neck of the woods.

    I love the color combos in your table runner. Can't wait to see the photo of it finished.

  6. Like all the things your working on..You are one busy girl!

  7. Lovely colours for your runner.. Happy Thanks Giving :))

  8. So.... do you have like 12 project going right now. Just taking a little pause in tv time to see what a few of you are up to.

    Looking good. Like that fall color pattern and the cushion too.

  9. HI Pammy!

    I love the stitch your using on the table Runner!!! The colors are so pretty!!!


  10. Hi Pammy Sue - yes I should have mentioned that the cushion cover starts off as an annoyingly curly piece of work! Sorry about that!! Victoria

  11. You are like me right now. Lots of yarny projects goin on. Sometimes I don't know where to start!

  12. I'm mad with myself! I don't know how I missed this post!!! I love that square you started. I'm looking for the v-stitch blankie to refer to in today's post. That's how I stumbled on this post I missed. Hope you're up to snuff today. And hope I don't get what you've got!!! xoxo


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