Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm a Goober

Please notice the "Currently Reading" widget I added to my sidebar.  You can click on it to be taken to Amazon for the full details.  This one is a goodie.  It's not a horse story nor is it a love story as you might assume from the cover.  Go figure.

I boldly declare that I am single-handedly the biggest and most frequent mess-maker on the planet Earth!  I've always been that way.  I know I have mentioned this before, but it's painfully true.  Almost daily I am reminded of this fact.  Today's example:

A Full, Large Glass of Iced Coffee.
It splattered 12 feet in all directions...

Eli helped me clean it up...

Did I mention it went in ALL directions?

I managed to drop it just perfectly so that it hit the edge of the counter, shot half of the coffee onto the countertop, careened off the side of the counter onto a bar stool, shot coffee at least 10 feet into my office and down the side of a credenza, and then fell onto the floor where it shot coffee in two more directions, under the dining room table and UNDERNEATH the seats of the chairs!  I swear, I could not have done physics calculations and planned it to be more messy, shoot farther, or cover more surfaces than it did!

So in the future when I mention how messy I am, you know I am not exaggerating!

I started another solid-colored V-stitch blanket last night.  Twill be a gift so you won't see any more pictures of it until it's done and in the hands of the recipient.

This is my new coffee cup (tea, actually) that I got at Whole Foods yesterday.  If you're drinking tea, you wrap the string of your teabag around the little plastic teapot on the side and place the bag inside to steep.  (There's a teabag joke there somewhere, but I won't go there.  Hee-hee.  I'm sure some of you have no idea what I mean.  Get with it, people!  Ask a teenager what it might be.  They'll know.  Okay, don't do that.  That could be bad.  Just forget I said anything.)  But isn't my coffee cup cute?  That's a silicone lid and wrapper on it.  You can take it to Starbucks and they'll use it instead of a disposable one.  And, no, I wasn't using it when I made the mess earlier.  Thank goodness.

A Fugi apple I'm going to munch on later.  Doesn't it look juicy and wonderful?


  1. Oh PS... those kinds of messes are the worst... you must be some sort of secret agent quantum physicist or something... great form... your aerodynamics were spot on!

    My cuppy cake afghan is coming along... slow and steady wins the race right? I may need to run to the Hobb Lobb store to get another skein of the speckled yard. I want it done so badly... can't wait. I just love that pattern... and all of the pastels make me happy. I like your solid v-afghan. One of the first patterned stitches I ever learned when I was little was the v-stitch.

  2. You go girl... I knew just where the Sweet HoneyComb was going to end up...he-he... Can't I tell you how bad I want to get in my car and drive the W.F. for that cup right now.... Love it....

    Slow Down, my friend. Let's not spill on that wonderful new blanket.

  3. I forgot... I want to know how to do that book thingie....

  4. With Messes, you and I can do it the same kind! I can drop a whole box of spaghetti and find one of the uncooked noodles in the bathroom!

  5. Love reading your daily life . . . you make me feel like I am notthe Lobe Ranger in the clumsy department. Just wish Indy would drink/est the edible stuff that needs cleaned up.

    1st dog in adult life was my automatic sweeper . . nose to the floor and she could find the tiniest bit of edible substance.

    \0/ paula

  6. OMG! I'm ROTFLMAO! I know it wasn't funny to clean up but it sure was hilarious to read about. You didn't even need to include photos. Your writing was very picturesque.

    Those are my favorite apples but I also like Granny Smith a lot too.

  7. You know, we must be twin daughters of different moms. My best time to make a mess or break a glass is right before I have to leave for work...

    Happens I have a new blog, perhaps you'd like to check it out.

    Thanks, Renee, spear401

  8. Love that blanket!

  9. Pammy....I have the perfect that blanket ...The Buttercream Blanky. It looks so delish....just like icing...
    T.H is finally crocheting again,,,Thank goodness.

  10. Hi pammy!

    Love the blanekt... BUT... was Eli higher then a kite after licking up all of that caffiene???


  11. Missy Pammy Sue, thanks so much for dropping by my new venture into blogland. You are, indeed, my first follower. Also, the-first-but-not-the-last to tell me I need a new title to my blog, LOLOL.

    Oh, and when I spilled the fruit cocktail at dinner tonight, I smiled and thought of you! ;)

    Renee, spear401

  12. You are the queen of mess and I am the queen of Klutz! I think I would rather be in your shoes....being the queen of klutz hurtz like hell!! Eli's such a good little boy isn't he? Leo is right there to clean up my dropsies. Though I dropped a piece of cabbage the other day...he didn't eat it!

  13. You have a wonderful way with words, I envy you. ;)
    Regarding the shawl I put up on my blog, it was so pretty i thought I would put it up, although the thought of making it, someday, did cross my mind. :)

  14. Speaking of spilled coffee, did you know that if you spill some coffee on cotton yarn and don't notice t the time that it won't wash out later? I've already discovered this bit of info, so you don't need to do your own test ;-)


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