Friday, November 19, 2010


There's a new board up on iCrochet!  Go post your stuff.  I wanna see!  I love looking at that thing and surfing the blogs.

I've crocheted a few random squares, but I haven't worked on anything else.  My hand/arm needs a rest I think or at least a slow-down.

I finished my book, The Eagle and the Rose.  It was good but not great.  Eh.  That's my review.  Just eh.  I'm going to start The Little House tonight.  It's supposed to be really good and I can't wait!  This one is fiction for a change.

I've got nuttin' else for ya.  Have a nice weekend.


  1. You're the Best.... Thanks for the update. I need to post a few goodies. How do I know that author's name. What have I read by her? Pondering.....

    We are heading over to some friends for Chinese tonight and to get caught up before their college boys come home and she has foot surergy...icks...second foot.

    Glad to hear you are taking a rest. I made a few squares too, I think I'm going about the border with them on M.B...N in W. S....

    Out of here for now,

  2. Hi Pammy Sue,

    I have created a new blog here a few weeks ago
    for us all to post any new or old crochet project you want to share with everyone. It's not as popular as Sarah Londons, I post there too but it's coming along nice! Drop by and put some pics up for us!


  3. Looove Philippa Gregory...everything I read by her is brilliant!
    I've got another couple of hers lined up to read when I've finished my current book.
    I love icrochet too and I've discovered some brill blogs on there.
    Have a great weekend and hope you enjoy the book.
    Em xxxx

  4. stuff on that site! OMG! You posted a picture of the "chee chee pillow". ha ha!
    I haven't heard of The Little House. I'll go check it out.
    Have a good weekend! It's supposed to rain here all weekend. aching knees...

  5. Just figured out how I know the author... I'm currently reading

    The Red Queen


  6. Pammy Sue, Take a little break, I had a really sore wrist with shooting pains, etc. and if I did anything strenuous at all it flared up. I'm backing off a bit on the crochet myself. Have a great weekend and enjoy your book.

  7. Hi there! Think you'll enjoy 'The Little House'... well, I loved it. In fact, I love all of Philippa Gregory's books. All that I've read, that is, and I've read quite a few;-). Gave a lovely weekend. Ros

  8. Hope you have a great weekend Pammy Sue! Thanks for the link to iCrochet, I'll have to check it out. Heather


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