Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hello Angels!


I sat outside for awhile drinking my coffee this morning and enjoying the wonderful weather.  I had my camera and took a few mindless shots around the yard.  This was the last picture I took.  I immediately looked at the preview of this picture on my camera and I saw those weird white streaks just above the trees.  I looked back up at the sky and it was completely blue…not a cloud in the sky.

I read two books recently about angels and how they are around us all the time, 24/7.  I read that if you want to see your angels, just ask them to appear to you and they will.  When I say my prayers at night for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been including a little request at the end for my angels to appear to me.

Do you believe in angels?  Have you ever seen an angel?  Do you think that’s what is appearing in this picture?

P.S. If you are a camera wizard and think you know that this is just some anomaly that happened with the camera lens, etc., please don’t burst my bubble!  Keep it to yourself!  I choose to believe those are a couple of my angels saying hello.  It makes me smile.


  1. Yep...Pammy Sue...Those ARE your angels... I am a believer. Do you think they were just watchin over you, on what looks to be a beautiful Texas day????

  2. I believe they are always there watching over me but decided to show themselves today since I've been bugging the crap out of them to do so! hee-hee. I can be annoying and persistent.

  3. I know my dad has to be one of my angels. I had THE WEIRDEST experience concerning him.

    After he and Mom had died, I moved into their home. The 1st thing I did was remodel the bathroom. After this was done, the most awesome, comforting thing happened. The bathroom was enveloped in the smell that was always there when Dad would clean up for an evening out . . the warmth from the hot bath water, the smell of his Old Spice Shaving soap and cologne.

    It was the COMPLETE package . . Ihad never smelled that aroma anywhere else but in the bathroom when dad was getting ready . . and I had smelled it my entire life. But, to be in the bathroom when the only thing remaining from their bathroom were the studs in the wall . . .go figure.

    Now, we live 8 hours from "home." Both the hubby and Ih ave run over curbs (i nthe car . . .LOLOL) more than either one of us ever had . . . that is a trait Dad had . . so I know he is here with me.

    Now, if Mom would just show up :0}

    \0/ paula

  4. I believe in angels- I've seen one, and believe another, perhaps my deceased uncle, appeared to my parents and grandmother.

    They were probably just checking on you :0)

  5. Yes I believe in angels. crazy over them

  6. Wow....I ask for my angels all the time...no one ever comes to see me. Do you think it's cuz I'm bad?? :o(

  7. Pammy Sue, Your ..."IN"...like flint...(heaven that is...lol)
    Oh..and you will also be IN when you get your chinchilla bag...whenever that is... :/

  8. Yes, I definitely believe in Angels...don't know what those white streaks are, but if you think they're Angels, then that's what they are!

    Have a wonderful week ;-)

  9. p.s. I did read, though, that people who passed on, do not turn into angels. Angels just are angels and nothing else - but dead people are spirits, but then, that's just what I read, because I often think my dearly departed Oma (grandmother) watches over me like an angel would.

  10. I believe! That is sooooooo cool.
    You should print that photo and keep it on your desk or something. It would be a nice reminder.

  11. Yes, I so believe in angels. They ae always looking out for us, especially our Guardian Angel.

  12. I'm surprised no one has mentioned aliens! Isn't this where they would land..at Pammy Sue's? Just kidding! Watch your back though.

  13. Yup, I believe and those are YOUR angels, Pammy!


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