Saturday, November 13, 2010


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I made THESE little flower rings yesterday.

They turned out really cute.  They took less than 30 minutes each to make.  Both times I ended up with one extra stitch at the end.  I don't know if the pattern is wrong or if I just couldn't count yesterday.  But I counted stitches after each round and supposedly it was correct.  Whatever..I just skipped the extra stitch at the end and joined in the next stitch.  You can't tell.  But I'm curious if you make one if the same thing happens to you.  I hung these two on the wall to take the picture.  You can see the nail heads at the tops...just in case you're wondering what that is.


And then Fletch and I were just hanging out...

Then suddenly he perked up and said...

"I think I heard something!"

"No, really!  It came from over there!
I'll go investigate.  You wait here."

"'s the mailman!
And he's got a big box!"

We answered the door and took the box and brought it inside.

WOW, look what I got!

Another birthday box from my bestie, Kate.


And one of her hand-made rice bags!

Perfect for a 50-year-old's aches and pains.  I think the Captain was just as excited over this one as I was.  The home-made rice bag I made consisted of an old pantyhose foot filled with rice and knotted at the top.  Hee-hee.  This one is so soft and pretty with the rice neatly sewed into a muslin cloth and then a layer of soft fleece.

And another hand-made gift.  A crocheted pincushion made from the top of a jar lid.  Inside the jar are all sorts and colors of cute buttons.

Thank you, Kate!  What a fun birthday package.  I love all of it.


Today I'm just hanging out at the house and relaxing and crocheting and maybe cooking something for dinner later.  It's nice and really cool today.  It's going to be cold tonight so we're going to have a fire.  Maybe I'll make a nice soup of some kind.  That sounds good.

Y'all enjoy your Saturday too!


    This Kate character? Does she like 70s music,carry a camera, and wear funkey socks and shoes?

  2. Hi Pammy, Lucky you! How sweet of the garden bell to send you such cool stuff. I love the buttercream blanky and your flower rings. PS your doggies are so cute. Happy day to ya.

  3. Of course, I love 70s music, carry a camera and wear funky clogs....queen-ie...

    Moving know I aDORe this posting. So, glad to see my silly little goodie bag arrived safely for my sweet friend. Thanks for posting... Silly me got so excited about sending I didn't take a picture.

    Back home from an unexpected computer support call to my Mom's. Scooter refused to go as his cartoons were more important. Guess who is in the Big, D.H. as I call it.... D.H = Dog House....

    Off to find one of my cuddle bag, zap it and go to bed for the day. Only kidding my Moody Blues is calling.

    I'm not leaving the house tomorrow, I missed all afternoon here playing computer geek.

    Enjoy your treats,
    you know who

  4. Back again... I forgot to mention how cute your rings are. Look sort of like napkin rings. What are you going to do with these.

  5. What a fun FUN birthday surprise! Love all your goodies...

    Your rings are adorb... can't wait to hear what you might do with them pray tell?

  6. That's what I was thinking - cute napkin rings or even Christmas tree ornies with that new, sparkly Holiday yarn you got....hint, hint! Happy Birthday to you, Pammy Sue! What nice presents you got from your friend in the mail.

    Cute photos of your precious pup. I love your dogs! They are such good company, aren't they?

    Thanks for linking my Giveaway! I will make sure and get your extra entries.

  7. Yes, do tell Pammy Sue, what will you be doing with those lovely flower rings? You know we all want to make them.

  8. Lucky you, such a lovely gift!

  9. How did you get Fletch to pose for those photos? ha ha!

    Great gifts you got! Can't wait to see what you make from the pretty blue yarns. They look good together!

  10. I'm loving your fletch!! I have two myself. Lovely gift you received. The yarns are delicious. Hugs. tammy

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