Saturday, November 06, 2010

G&P Border


Border Instructions

Row 1:


(Click for a larger view or to print.)

I took the first round from a book I have with detailed instructions and just took a picture rather than trying to type it all out.

Row 2:  After joining to the first sc with a sl st, (ch-3, skip the next two stitches, sc in next stitch) around; joining to first sc.

Row 3:  Sl st into first two ch of beginning ch-3, (ch 4, skip the next two stitches, sc in next ch-3 loop) around; joining to first ch of beginning ch-4.

Row 4:  Sl st into second ch of beginning ch-4, (ch 5, skip the next two stitches, sc in next ch-4 loop) around; join; fasten off and weave-in ends.


  1. That is a lovely border. I am going to print the instructions.
    Maybe i can use it for the blanket i am still working on.

  2. I like.... I think I may give this a try. I've done the first three row of sc and just finished. So, if I do this I only have three more easy ones to go.

  3. My blanket is working up to be lumpy and bumpy. Did you have a problem with yours doing that? The pic I saw of yours was flat. I'm on the third color and it's not flat at all. :o( What's up with that??


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