Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Nite Shenanigans

The Captain came thru with a couple of pics from work last night…



Believe it or not, the driver was not drunk.  He was ASIAN.  I hate to stereotype and make a broad, sweeping statement that all Asians are bad drivers, BUT THEY ARE!  I’m sorry if you are Asian and this offends you, but come on.  Asians = notoriously bad drivers.

Now that I have been totally inappropriate and pissed everyone off...

It just so happens, though, that this guy wasn’t doing a thing wrong.  He was just really sleepy after working long hours and was on his way home.  He was only going about 35 mph, drifted over a little too much, and struck a parked car just right so that it flipped his car.  He was fine…not even a scratch on him.

I had just watched an episode of Mythbusters the night before where they proved that being tired while driving is just as dangerous, if not more so, than being drunk while driving.
Aren’t you glad you were snug in your bed last night instead of upside down in your car?

So I was surfing through iCrochet this morning and clicked on a blanket I thought was pretty and followed the link.  Low and behold, the blanket was made with the Good & Plenty pattern!  I love when that happens.  Go check out Tracie’s Blog and her pretty blanket.
I also clicked on the beautiful Aran pillow done in a cable pattern.  The link took me to Victoria’s Blog where she has posted the pattern for it now.  I think I may give this one a go.  I usually don’t like doing front post or back post stitches, but I might sacrifice myself for something that looks this nice:
I had a I really good recipe to post for you today, but I think I’m going to wait for tomorrow since I already have so much in this post today.  Sometimes I have to save things and ration them out because I have so much to say!  Today is one of those days.  Just think about this and what it might be:

Autumn Apple Salad
Y’all have a fantastic Saturday.  See ya tomorrow!


  1. Hey Pammy Sue, thank you so much for the compliment on the afghan! I really enjoyed making it with your pattern! I feel like I have officially arrived in blog land with your mention to my blog. I can't wait to start another one, adult size this time.

  2. It's dangerous out there on the streets you are and how alert and defensive you are driving, the other person can kill you anyway! Especially now that people are doing so many other things besides concentrating on driving. Everyone is multi-tasking and safety is being compromised.

    All I can say, at least he didn't run into an innocent by stander or another car.

  3. Anonymous2:43 PM

    That was very politically incorrect. How do I unfolow you? Now who is going to do you hair and nails? You have just offended half the population of San Francisco.

  4. Oh, I've been waiting all day for your recipe. I'll be stalking you again tomorrow.

    I love checking out blogs through iCrochet. What a fun site, huh. Thanks for posting about it.

    Hugs from about to be snowed-in Utah,

  5. Oh Pammy, I agree. We have a HUGE Asian population here esp. in the Valley where my shop is. Take my life in my hands coming and going to work everyday. I believe they are responsible for insurance rates going up. I know you have 'em there because they ship packages with Asian names to TX. The kids that came over when they were little are much better drivers than the adults. Heck, I have Asian customers that visit "the old country" and they tell me they don't drive there because they're crazy drivers over there. Plus they have better public trans. than we have here. OK, I'll stop ranting now and tell ya that cable pillow is lovely. Pls. make one and let us know if it was hard to do or not. Enjoy your wknd!

  6. Instead of un-following me, why don't you just quite driving? Bwa-ha-ha!

    I knew it was you, B.P.

  7. Wow, he was lucky!!!

  8. Oh Pam, I just read the comments.....

  9. Oh I love that pillow also! Do you think the end flap is all single crochet? Great story is your husband a paramedic?

  10. Hi Pammy Sue
    No, I don't mind you posting pictures of my cushion - you've added a link so all's good!
    The back is in 2 parts - one all done according to the cable pattern. The other I started with alternate sc (which is sc where you alternately work into the front or back loop only as you go along the row). Button holes were created by chaining 3 and missing 3 stitches as I went along a row. Think I did 12 rows of alternate sc with the button holes in row 6, then carried on in the cable pattern. Hope this helps!

  11. I totally agree. I think this new pattern might make the list.
    Keeping it short today.



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