Saturday, November 13, 2010

Broken by Lisa Jones

I just finished the book I was reading, "Broken."

I enjoyed it immensely, but it made me cry.  I usually avoid books or movies if I think they'll make me cry.  When sadness comes over me, it clings to me like a statically-charged sock fresh from the dryer.  It's hard for me to shake it off.  I had a pretty good idea just from looking at the book that it was going to do that to me, but I felt compelled to read it anyway.  I'm glad I did.

Two thumbs and two big toes UP!

By the way, I adore my Nook.  I've already read so many books I never would have if I didn't have it, and many more are to come.



  1. I will have to look for it! Thanks for the suggestion. Did you read The Help?

  2. Doing some blog walking and found myself here. Must tell my SIL about the book, she's a horsey person and might enjoy reading it.

    I've been comparing notes and comments on Nooks, Kindles etc, trying to decide what the differences are between the choices, what's easiest to use and has the most capabilities. Did you look around a lot before deciding on the Nook?


  3. I love to cry when I read or watch movies, as long as they're happy tears.

    I am trying to decide between a Nook and a Kindle as well....

  4. I have found since Jeff died (my best friend) that I am crying over anything sad or happy. It's probably my hormones but it's happening quite frequently. I refuse to take anymore anti-depressants. I'd rather cry.


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