Friday, November 26, 2010

Blogland is Dead

I am single-handedly carrying you blog readers through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  I guess that's because I'm the only one without a life.  Heh.  Blogland is eerily quiet.  I need to be entertained by you all so get busy blogging.  Throw up some pictures or something for goodness sake.  It's not hard, people!

Inspired by the beautiful Alice (and Raymond, of course)...

The pattern is Michelle's.  Thank you, Michelle, for a great pattern and tutorial.  It worked out perfectly.  I didn't have to change a thing.

I used my stashed Hobby Lobby Snowflake yarn.  I love that stuff.  I have a lot of it and should use it more often.  And since I used the Snowflake which is thinner than regular worsted, I used a size F hook.

It was so very cold here yesterday.  As you can see, I enjoyed a nice fire while I crocheted.  Cold outside, toasty fire inside, crochet, my dogs, my pajamas, woolie socks...PERFECT!  (I did miss The Captain, who had to work yesterday.  Somebody had to be out there protecting Metropolis and saving lives while we were all oblivious.  I won't tell you about the tragic Thanksgiving that some people had yesterday that he had to deal with.)  But I did save him a big plate of Thanksgiving dinner and another one with dessert.  He had his dinner at 4:30 a.m. this morning when he got home.  We all got up (me & the dogs) and smothered him with trajedies here.  Just lots of love.

Want to see a couple of pictures?  I'm even in a couple of them.  GASP!  Okay then, before I lose my nerve, here they are:

 My baby boys...Shaun, the baby (black shirt) and Aaron, my first-born (tan shirt).

Me and my Momma.

I hope they don't get mad at me for posting their pictures on the www without asking.  Okay, I lost my nerve.  That's all you get!

Oh, wait!  Wanna see my fancy hairdo?

It was supposed to be a French Twist, but it turned into a, uh, um, French Wad?
I'm outta here...


  1. I'm out here for a few- gotta run though... got a job that's running me ragged. That's why no pics etc lately. Enjoyiung seeing yours though!

  2. Very nice Pammy Sue, love the photos, your French twist and your family! What handsome lads!

  3. I blogged. I'm home, still in my nightie and robe and am the laziest woman on the planet. And now I'm off to finish the turkey soup from all the leftover turkey stuff. Mmmmmmm.

  4. Love the tishey holder...I am trying to keep Blogdom alive, as well, kid.

  5. Very nice! I think everyone is recovering from overindulgence today. Maybe things will liven up tomorrow.

  6. I am here Pammy Sue,, a little in the background but here. still in PJ's lol lazing around. Crocheting and ebook reading..LOL. Love the family pics and also the hair..
    Take her easy and enjoy the day
    Hugs from South Texas..Birgit

  7. Im kicking in Blogland too. I just got my background changed (frustrated that I couldnt figure out why the one I wanted couldnt transfer, but I am okay with the simple one I picked.)
    I even posted.
    I have a otn to do... I should hang with the girls. But Im just kind of blahh!
    Love the photos. Handsome young men!
    I also loved the french twist. I wanted a french braid, but cant do my own hair. All those yrs doing the girls, wish they would offer to try to do mine!
    Have a wonderful day, love from Indiana!

  8. You look loverly! I have been rearranging furniture all day... and tomorrow is our family Christmas party so I twill only be snooping.

  9. Sweet!!!
    Your boys are just handsome...

    Thank you so much for your tissue cover LOVE...

    always love seeing your gorgeous crocheting projects...

    Keep up the granny goodness...
    P.S Love seeing you!!!

  10. WHat a good looking family!


  11. I don't even have the excuse of being busy during thanksgiving!!
    But I hope you and your family had a wonderful time.
    Have a great weekend.
    Em xxx

  12. Hi Pammy Sue .... Hope you had a happy thanksgiving. Here in Australia its just a plain old ordinary day (or was I should say). I loved your tissue box cover but also the doily underneath it ..... can you share where you got that pattern ?

  13. Hi Pammy Sue .. Love your tissue box cover but also the doily underneath it. Can you share where you got the pattern from please? Your photos are beautiful too.

  14. Wow - what handsome sons! And love the photo of you and your Mom. Your hair is so pretty...but you made me laugh when you called it a French Wad!

  15. Pammy Sue...You have your mama's beautiful skin. You and she are both gorgeous. Your man-children are handsome. Sorry your hubby had to have a sad day yesterday. I'm sure he was glad to get home!

  16. Oooo! Very fancy hair! I'm glad you took a photo.

    I love your tissue box cover. I can't believe you did that in one day! Holy Smokes!

  17. Well how fun to see a picture of you! And your handsome boys and mama too! Loved that runner! I want it! We are up in the mountains. Lots os snow and I am freezing my buns off!

  18. Ha ha I find that blogland is usually dead on the weekend, I figure because all the mums who crochet, knit and blog are busy with their kids!!!!! Sad for you, and I hate to admit, I'm fresh out of pictures until tomorrow!!!
    Loved seeing the pictures of you and your family!!! Its nice to see the face behind the hook, and your boys are very handsome.
    Loving the blog facelift too.... I want your dog, the french bulldog one... they're Karen (KB's) favourite dog and shes dying to get one.
    OK.... happy thinksgiving! I didn't even know it was, but I'm sure I'll learn aobut it all soon!!!

  19. LOVED seeing your photo! Look what a pretty lady you are! What a wonderful family you have too. You are a very special wife to serve your hard working husband dinner at 4:30 AM. Super wonderful!

  20. Hi Pam.. Gee I suppose it probably is quieter than usual in Blogland right now.. except for all the Pink Saturday girls.. I did post on my Blessings Blog, if you want SOMETHING to read otherwise!!... LOVE your tissue box, and your french twist! I have an aunt who used to wear her hair that way, and I remember how pretty I always thought it was!.. I was at the store recently to buy some blonde in a box to touch up my roots, and my daughter talked me into buying a shade of RED!!! Ugh, it's a very drastic change for me, but MAYBE a nice one??? I just don't know... Dear Daughter is laughing that she may have to get me drunk to get me to try it. She's really the instigator behind this, and thinks it will look good... Nice to see you and all your family.. I'm asking Santa for a BETTER camera THIS year, so that I can have one that will take NICE, CLEAR pictures of MY family! What decent shots I get right now are either absolute miracles, or sheer luck by way of EDITING! I've been good (I think!), and am crossing my fingers! ~tina

  21. Hi Pam, what a beautiful post. French wad (not), ha ha!

  22. Oh, how I love the DO.... so, nice to see how you clean up. I guess we can if we want to, right.

    So, I'm alive, but barely this morning. More than you can imagine behind the scene here.

    Sorry, to not have been around, but it was about survival.

    You look great, happy and relaxed. Jealous, yes...

    Well, get caught up more later.

  23. love the doily your box is setting on.


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