Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sunday Stuff

I had to use Windows Live Writer to post today.  Blogger was still not working.  If you haven’t tried using Windows Live Writer, you should give it a try.  It always works when Blogger is giving me trouble.


Square Pattern can be found HERE.  I’m going to use a different color of green next time.  I don’t like this one very well.  I think a lighter green would be prettier.


Week #2 Squares (the purple ones) for the Bernat Crochet-Along.


Well, I did it.  I got a food processor.  I paid twice as much as I wanted, but The Captain forced me!  I haven’t used it yet.


My Sourdough Bread is in the oven as I type this.  The onions smell heavenly mixed with the yeasty-bread smell.  I can’t wait to try it after waiting 4 days for the starter to be ready!  Picture tomorrow.

I should have a Ta-Dah to reveal tomorrow night or Tuesday.  I would have it today, but I bought the wrong size pillow form at Hobby Lobby and they aren’t open on Sundays so I can go exchange it.

I took all of the give-away Mandalas to the post office yesterday.  They are on their way!


  1. I LOVE my food processor - once you get the hang of it you will too :)

  2. Your cuisinart looks really good! You'll love a processor - no going back now once you've used it!!!

  3. I knew you would do this. You will love using it. Can't wait to see all your new foodies. Did I tell you I love purple/sage and white. Great combo.

    Butternut Squash/Tuscan White Bean on the stove. Hope to share soon.

  4. question on your squares. Are they coming out the same size? A lot of people are having problems with the grannies, saying they are coming out slightly larger.

  5. Great square . . need to check it out.

    You inspired me to do a Give-away on my crochet blog. I am SO EXITED about it. Am working on the items now. Hopefully, will be ready fir next weekend, if no sooner.

    \0/ paula

  6. Ghost ~ My granny squares for the crochet-along came out exactly 8 inches only crocheting 5 rounds. I am using the recommended J hook and the recommended Bernat yarn.

  7. Cuisinart, that sounds great! xx

  8. That is a really nice food processor! It will make a lot of things so much easier. Your squares are pretty, but I also think you will like a lighter green better. I wish I had started that crochet along. Just too much going on right now. Dh's dad and step mom are due here in a couple of hours as a surprise and they will be here until Thursday or Friday. I'm looking forward to see your crochet along! Happy crocheting!

  9. Yeah, it seems a lot of people are having that same problem with gauge. Using smaller hook sizes to make it the same size. Mine are slightly larger but I am not worried about it. I almost always do a sc round and make sure my stitch count is the same before assembling. Which is what I will do when I see where they are going with this ghan. Anyway I am not getting my tights in a wedgie over it. Just curious about how yours turned out.

  10. Wow! You had lots of things to post today. Awesome!

  11. Purple! YAY!
    Food Processor! YAY! I don't use mine often but I'm always glad I have it when I need one. It's great for chopping up all the stuff for chicken salad...including the chicken! I love it kind of "ground up" like that.

  12. I loved my Cuisinart!!!

  13. Love your squares! The flowers look really nice on them.



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