Friday, October 01, 2010

Sourdough Bread, Tattoo, Etc.

Did anybody else make the sourdough bread starter?  If you did and need a recipe for the bread, HERE is the recipe I am using.  I've never used this recipe before, but it sure looks delish!  Those onions will be good on there.  I'll probably wait until Sunday to make it so the starter has a couple more days to ferment.  I'm going to shape mine into two round loaves this time.  Pictures to come.  (If I remember to take them before I rip into one, butter it, and stuff it in my face.  Hee-hee.)

Okay, now on to important things:

Like my foot.
(I cut off my toes on purpose because I don't have them polished.  The shame!  I didn't actually cut my toes off...I meant I just cut the picture off so you couldn't see my toes, okay?  Don't freak out.)

I took this picture to show you a mosquito bite (which didn't even show up in the picture).  You can see some redness on the right side, which is where it is.  I stepped out onto the porch this morning and was immediately bitten.  And I mean immediately.  I hadn't taken two steps before I felt it and looked down to see a big old red mosquito bite.  Bastard.

Then after I took the picture and was cropping it, I realized that some of you might be horrified at my tattoo.  Yes, I'm a hippie-freak with a tattoo on my foot.  I happen to love it and have never regretted getting it.  Ask me again when I'm 80 years old and I bet my answer will be the same.  To each his own.  No judging.

I went a little nuts at Hobby Lobby the other day and bought some new fall decorations for the house.  I wanted to show them to you so I took some pictures.

Bev, I've been enjoying the Autumn Mandala you won yesterday.  It looks kind of small in this picture with that big plate on it.  It looks bigger in real life.

One side of my fireplace mantle.  The little pillow and scarecrow are new.

Blogger is acting up again and won't let me upload anymore pictures.  They have big problems lately.  What's up Blogger??  How annoying!  Don't they know we have important things to show the world??  (Like a mosquito bite.  Ha-ha.)

Oh well.  Maybe they'll get their shit together and I can post again later.  I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

P.S.  Dang, my foot itches really bad.  Must. Not. Scratch.  Scabs on your feet are gross.  Eww!  Why did I have to go and say that?  I'm leaving now.


  1. Good luck with the sourdough bread,I've never made it, although I have a recipe. Too lazy.
    Blogger is updating their Privacy Policy, will come into effect on Oct.3rd. I've been having issues all morning with Blogger, so don't dispair, you're not alone.
    Have a good weekend. :D

  2. Hi Pammy Sue...
    put spit on your mozzie bite, it works wonders!
    Love your tattoo, it's very cool!
    the autumn mandala is gorgeous.... are you sad to give it away? thats ok, you can make another!

  3. Hi! Cute foot! Cool you have a tattoo. Not so cool you have a bite. Of course I just want freshly baked bread with butter on it so, can I have some of yours? I wish I had time to make it. Maybe one of these weekends coming up when it finally gets COOL. A few weeks ago I was needing some flour for a recipe and sure enough there were bugs in it luckily, I had some whole wheat, in the fridge that was ok. See, it's been awhile since I've baked anything. Thanks for sharing your autumn pretties with us!

  4. I think your tat is nice. Think of the stories you can tell the great granchildren when you're 80 about how you got it - they'll think you're a cool nana!!

  5. I like the tatoo. It has personality. Looks good.

    Girl, I really like that plate. It's beautiful. I was gonna go to Hobby Lobby anyway, I need more yarn. Now I'll look at the plates. LOL It looks good on that mandala, mayble I'll have to make on to put out in my home. The mantle looks good too.

    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Didn't even try to post today. So, here is one of your tatoo, do we get to see the others?

    Nice job at H.L., I just got back and didn't get a thing for my house. Just some letters... on my neice's b-day list is anything G.L.E.E., so she's getting a crafting kit to make her own. Yes, she and I craft together from way back. But, boy, did I pause seriously in that orange stuff. I was such a good girl.

    I'll be around all weekend, doing chores. At least the house got cleaned today.

  7. Laughing too hard to type! I can just see you now...spitting on your foot. Really, though it is true-saliva works.

  8. Hey! That's MY mandala you're using -- just don't be wearing it out, ya hear? Love the things you bought today. I'm headed there tomorrow to try and find a door wreath. What do you bet I find other things too? I can't help it. I'm a dork.

    I really like your tattoo and I can totally understand about "chopping" off your toes. (Thank God you didn't do it really.) I just had a pedicure today and the first thing to come out of the manicurist was "Good Lord, Lady, it's been a while huh?" Now try to say that with a Vietnamese accent.


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