Saturday, October 09, 2010

Ninja's Are Breaking In!

I just had to come and post.  I'm sitting here crocheting and watching the Crazies on Cops.  The cops were responding to a shots fired call and when they got to the house, you could hear another gunshot go off.  They got on their loud speaker and told the Crazy to come out of his house with his hands up.  He did.  And then he said there were Ninja's rattling the windows and trying to break into his house.

I hate when that happens.

Have another drink, Crazy-Ass.



  1. I think every policeman needs to have a separate "little notebook" where they can record the hair brained things people say . . would make for a great book upon retirement.

  2. Ninjas huh.....maybe that's what happened to my back overnight. Maybe I was fighting Ninjas.

  3. What are you gonna do with that Chrismas square? Why dont you make a big Christmas blanket....
    Have you seen Steven Segal Law Man yet....? He is somethin.

  4. That reminds me of a silly incident at my house. I had talked to someone on the phone and didn't replace the receiver just right so that I was still connected and apparently they heard the shouting and shooting on the TV and they actually called the police so that shortly thereafer, I had the police knocking at my door asking if everything was alright - that was nice of the person to be concerned, even if she was from a collection company LOL

  5. I so look forward to your never fail to make me chuckle!

  6. Ha gave me a chuckle this afternoon.


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