Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nice Bag, Lady!

HERE is a really nice crochet bag to make with what looks like great instructions and pictures.  I haven't tried this one yet, but I'm keeping the link in case I get a hankering to make one.  I love the big flower she made for the red bag shown.

That's it.  I've got nothing else.


  1. The link didn't work for me, but then it might just be my computer - it's been acting up.

    Happy weekend :-)

  2. Sorry about that. I fixed the link. Thanks for letting me know, Doris!

  3. Cute bag... I'm going to bookmark that site too. Thanks for the link :)

  4. I made this bag for a swap and it's really cute finished. The flower is definitely perfect for this bag. I think you should make it, Pam.

  5. VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!

  6. Cute! Thanks for the link.
    Caz :)

  7. That looks like fun. But, you have to finish one of your blankets first. That's the rule, I know I can be tough on a Saturday night.

    Can you believe some are still not getting the name. D.S.of M. it is. I must of hung with a different crowd in 73...he-he...

    Back to the basement. I've been religated to watch another silly movie.

    Peace Out,

  8. I love it....... thanks for the link.
    Another project on the go.. but will it be ready for Christmas ??:))

  9. wow i love it too. i saved it also. Thanks

  10. Thanks for the link up Pam! The bag looks really neat and something that I would love to make.

    Hugs XX

  11. Hi Pam. I am laughing at your comment, because my Mom said that the GG stands for Gorgeous Grandma! We came up with GiGi because, she is Great Grandma. My grandkids have a lot of Grandma's! There are 5 generations of women in my family. We all started young. My Grandma is 96 yrs. young, and I knew HER Mama, my Great Granny very well. She lived to 98!!


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