Friday, October 29, 2010


Don’t look if you’re a vegetarian/vegan…


It’s a slab of pork ribs as they were browning in my oven.  I got them in the crock pot this morning.  They are all dunked and drowning in yummy BBQ sauce as we speak.  You’ve got to try this recipe, girlies.  If not for you, then for your man.  He will look at you (and the ribs) with love in his eyes.  I’ve posted about them before.  Go get the recipe and get to the store today.  They’ll be perfect for a weekend dinner!  The Captain wants Mac & Cheese again as a side, and I’ll probably make a salad too.


Ever since I finished The Bell of the Fall afghan, I’ve been wandering around my house thinking about what blanket I can start next.  I know I have a few WIPs, but I’m just not feeling them.  Ya know?  And instead of apologizing for not finishing them, I’m just going to forge ahead and do what feels right.  I’m starting another one and that’s final!  I just don’t know which one quite yet.  I’m on the hunt.  Suggestions are welcome.


  1. Pammy,

    I like looking at patterns on-line and see what I like... Just look around. Have fun!!!


  2. I've bought some ribs to try the recipe. It sounds great and I know my husband will love them. Looking forward to seeing what afghan pattern you decide upon. Have a great Friday! :-)

  3. Too funny. I'm the same way with my thoughts. Good intentions but if it ain't right at the right time then it's on to something else!

    your ribs sound good.

  4. Ok, my friend. I'll let the popcorn go for now. But, don't be mad if I give it a try. I remember what happened with my Circle of Friends. Who knows what I'm going to do next. I want to try something maybe small. It will come to me.

    So.......just back from the market. and you go and put up BBQ Ribs.....nice job..... I just started my Broc/Beef Pad Thai in the SlowCooker. Modified from the link you sent me. We shall far so good. But, if only I would get the request for some Mac/Cheese here in the house. You know my Scooter likes to eat too healthy. But by the way, I now know what ShoePeg Corn is... right there on the shelf, amazing what you find when you look. So, that recipe is on the list.

    Are you up for a Skype?

    Off to soak my rice noodles.

  5. Hey Pammy, how 'bout these?
    The purple reminded me of you.

    This one would keep you busy and it's different but you probably wouldn't want to embroider/cross stitch on it.

    This one is pretty but looks time consuming!

    For some reason this one looks perfect. All cozy for ya!

    Okay, I'm having too much fun searching out 'ghans for you. I'd better get to work. Have a lovely BBQ rib wknd.

  6. That pig sho looks good...I wonder if i made the recipe if my Vegan Assistant would cave?

  7. Love pig!! I started on Kate's Twisted Sister yesterday. Got to row three, and darn it all if I can't seem to make the fpdc look right. I am at a loss. My friend who has the yarn shop is on vacay for a week. I don't wanna wait. What to do..what to do???

  8. The new blanket turned out beautiful. I think the colors are even better in person.

    Here's one that I really like that I found online. Ever square is different and one of the squares has a dragonfly in it!

  9. That's so 21st Century - feeling compelled to apologize for meat dishes, even though I'm not eating beef anymore, but due to health reasons.

    I know what you mean about not feeling it - because I have a few WIPs as well and started yet another crochet-along with Maggie Weldon Christmas pillow....oh, well..and life goes on!

    Have a wonderfully spookey Halloween weekend! (I'm going to try to scare myself by watching cheap Horror flicks and burn some candles while handing out candy to the kiddies)

  10. Your ribs look yummy! I have been craving bbq ribs too! I can't wait to see your new project. I still have several old ones in the works along with the CAL and I want to start another with the Gardner's Journal a quilting/embroidery project! Too many projects, not enough time!

  11. Ooo yummo I had sweet and sour pork for lunch today.. but yours looks more inviting :)) As for what to crochet next, well I guess it is what ever takes the mood :)) and colours you want to use.. Ok so I will leave it up to you and wait for the pic of what it may be :)) Have a great weekend ..
    Pat in tas :))


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