Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesdays Are Boring

I've not been feeling very chatty-bloggy lately.  Yes, I made that word up. Working on these afghans doesn't give me anything to show you on the crochet front and takes a lot of time.  However, I'm making good progress and can see the end of my Fall Afghan now if I squint.

My ears have been screwed up since August 16th.  (I wrote it down on my calendar when it started.  That's how I know.)  Now I'm having balance problems.  Of course, I'm positive that I have a brain tumor.  I went to the doctor once, but I had to wait so long that I got pissed and left before my name was called.  It was only about 45 minutes, but I have no patience.  Then I cancelled another appointment with an ENT doctor because I just didn't want to get out that day, and I thought they were getting better anyway.  I guess if it gets bad enough I'll go sooner or later.  Brain tumors really need tending to.  I'm not complaining, just blathering because I have nothing else to say.

Do you have your Halloween candy yet?  I've bought mine several times, but we keep eating it.  Like I didn't know that would happen.  We haven't had any kids come by on Halloween since we've lived here.  Turning off the porch light and the "No Trespassing" sign must keep them away.  Who knew?  Get out of here, you little brats!  Go get a job and stop looking for a handout!  Hee-hee.


  1. I love the "feel" of the air and weather onHallloween PLUS it was Dads birthday so itis special.

    the hubby LOVES giving out stuff so I have hd to change my light off technique. The last few years we gave out mini bags of microwave popcorn. Just this small thing has changed my way of looking at trick or treaters . . I have never had so many honest Thank You's as we have gotten . . . and then to hear them say, "WoW! Popcorn!" when they wak away . . .makes me smile and want to do it again the next year.

    \0/ paula

  2. You crack me up Pam! But do take care of that ear thing. Could be fluid, could be vertigo, could be nothing. We eat more candy than we give away too!

  3. Have you tried taking a decongestant? I had this problem a while back and it was a clogged inner ear doing it. I had to take the decongestant for about a week.

    Hmm, I guess I might have to try and not trespassing sign and the lights off.

  4. I'm having the same Brain Tumor today too. And I haven't been very Chatty BLoggy either. Trying to get something up, but things are not co-oper-ating with for me this morning.

    No, candy in the house yet. Exactly, when is the big day. I better go get some and put my signs out. I usually wait until after 6pm, when the little ones have come by. They are too cute to pass up, but the teens...no way, no how. We have more important things to do, like watch the tube.

    I'll go try again.

  5. Vertigo? I get it; I hate it.

  6. You would hate living in my neighborhood... TONS of trick-or-treaters. I love seeing the little kids, but the teenagers do kind of annoy me. I still need to go buy my candy... I usually get about 12 big bags and it is mostly all gone by the end of the night!!! And I usually buy stuff I don't like so I'm not tempted to eat it.. course I can't say that I always do that.. ha ha!

  7. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Funny.....there are days i can't hear what anyone says....so i compensate by talking louder than i already do just for them to ask loudly why am i screaming. BP

  8. Hi, where we live now we get maybe 2 kids but most of the time, nobody. The first year we were here we had all this candy left over so now each year we buy one bag of what candy we like, try not to eat it beforehand and then what is left we eat, which most of the time is the whole bag. We start early to get only the little ones (possibly) and then later we just turn out the lights in the front part of the house. Yup, the older kids should just get a job, I agree!

    I hope your ear thing goes away, how annoying for you. Try taking more vitamin c everyday. Be well! Thanks for your compliments you left on my blog.

  9. I had a rule at the Palace(before I started turning my lights out)...
    If you look over 14...dont come treating, cause your too old.
    Dont come tricking cause I will kick your ass...
    Now, Pam....you do not have a tumor!! You prob. have inner ear trouble. .............
    5 cents please!

  10. hahahahahaha....I love when you are snarky. I love halloween candy, specially the peanut butter kisses and the caramel apple suckers....

  11. I absolutely love your wry sense of humor. I bet you get a lot "geesh what's up her craw" all the while you'll be smiling cos you just let the craw out. hehe.. Too funny. Hugs Tammy

  12. We "never" have a trick or treater! I'm not complaining though 'cause I absolutely love candy corn and I'm a diabetic!!! I could eat a whole bag of them at a whack so I try to avoid the candy aisle at all times. Makes for a bad Halloween and a bad birthday the day after 'cause no more cake.

    Hugs XX

  13. HI!

    I have had inner ear trouble before... Not fun... But it clears up with help from Dr.

    Get well soon...:-)

  14. Thanks for the laugh!! Dot 1 (my oldest daughter) has a brain tumor about every other day! On the off days she has some other life threatening ailment.....we crack up about it alot. Now, you really should just get it over with and go to the Doc. it will ease your mind.
    In the meantime - My advice: Take 2 Milk Duds and a fun size Snickers, go to bed - and double the dosage tomorrow for good measure!

  15. Hope you feel better soon Pammy Sue.x
    Hugs Suex

  16. Hope you get to feeling better soon! Suck it up and just "go" to the dr and stay there! There's two things I don't like to mess with and that's my eyes and ears! I would be in a pickle if something happened there!

  17. Anonymous10:27 AM

    It must be tuesday-itis...sickness due to being too far from the previous weekend, yet nowhere near enough close to the next weekend!

    I have sweets for halloween- cheap multipacks for the kids and caramels chocolates for me!!

  18. Sorry to hear about your equilibrium (inner ear) problem...yes, I had Halloween candy, but I had it so long that now I need more (oooops!)


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