Friday, October 08, 2010

I’m in Love…

With pretty much anything BODUM.


Bodum Ibis Electric Kettle

I ordered two of these this morning.  One for us and one for a gift.  We use our electric kettle almost daily and have replaced it at least twice (just a cheap $15 one from Rival).  But I saw a little snippet in one of my magazines about this one from Bodum.  It boils up to seven cups of water in four minutes and automatically shuts off once the water starts bubbling.  And it comes in some gorgeous colors too!  I got this red one.  I guess I’m in a red mood today.  I usually don’t go for red.  It’s a little expensive at $50, but we will definitely get our money’s worth out of it since we’ll use it so much.

And then…


Pavina Porcelain Cups with Silicone Grips


Pavina Glasses with Silicone Grips

I didn’t order the cups or glasses, but I wanted to!  I love them and I love all the bright colors to choose from.  That’s all I’ll show you here, but they have lots of other cool things too.


Eli BorderEli Border


Hee-hee.  I just stuck those baby pictures of Eli in here because he’s cute.

Let’s see…

Oh, I made this yesterday…


A fall Mandala for my living room.  There WAS a pretty lamp on this table.  Fletcher and Eli were tearing through the house a couple of days ago, jumped from the couch over this table, and didn’t quite make it past the lamp.  It came crashing down, smashing the light bulb and the light bulb housing thing-a-ma-bob all over the floor.  The Captain is going to fix it, but until then these candles will have to do.  Yes, it’s mighty exciting around Scotty’s Place with those dogs.  I love them though.  Heck, I break things all the time myself around here!


Pumpkin Parfait

I made these the day before yesterday.  I’d give you the recipe, but it wasn’t that great.  If you want to make them, just make instant vanilla pudding, mix in some pumpkin and Cool Whip, and layer it in a parfait or wine glass with some crushed up ginger snaps.  Top it with a dollop of whipped cream and some cinnamon, stick a whole ginger snap on top, and you’re a genius!

I really rattled on today, didn’t I?  Time to go to work.  Have a fab Friday!


  1. That dessert looks yummy but looks can be deceiving, right? Love the mandala and the pictures of Eli. Puppies are just so dang cute!

  2. Oh...I am a total red freak, and love the kettle. Sur la Table has a whole line of that stuff!! What do you make? Hot tea?
    Love the mandelas. See you

  3. Love the cup grips and your mandala is really nice. The color choices are fantastic. It really pops.

  4. Dang you Pammy Sue....I want that Water Kettle.(hot cocoa, tea, instant oatmeal, etc...) I always end up making a pot of hot water on my Bunn. That is a pain tho when I have coffee already on there (which is usually) I went to the site....F.U.N. stuff. Probly gonna get one. Have you tried the Thermal pots? That new one is snappy looking.
    Eli is devastatingly adorable!!! I am actually in pain from his cuteness...

  5. I've wanted to make myself a mandala but have been so busy with other stuff I just haven't had a chance to. I love those colors together.

  6. Hi!

    I love the grips on those glasses... Wow... pricey... I think I'll stick my microwave for heating water for Tea etc. for the time being... BUt I'll looking for one. ( maybe E-Bay??)

    Eli is CUTE!!!


  7. Oh, I love the cups - so pretty and as for Eli.... adorable!

  8. Sheesh! I checked out the price of the 15 oz. glass and it was over $17 per glass! Yikes!
    They do have really cool stuff though. I love that electric kettle you got and the grill pan. Very cool!

  9. Well, now you got me. I am gonna have to make a mandala or two or three or four. I was looking at my dinner plate last night and thinking, 'how pretty would these be with a mandala under them?'. All this after seeing your pretty fall mandala. So now I have to make some, dang it. Thanks heaps, I really mean that. LMHO

    I love red things in my kitchen. My kitchen is full of red things, in fact. I also love pumpkin things. In fact, your entry today is full of good things.

    Have a great day.

  10. Love the red kettle... Mom has one similar to that love how fast it is in heating things up.
    love the mandala such lovely colors... and Eli is such a cutie.,... Thanks again for the mandala and wishing you a wonderful weekend
    hugs Birgit

  11. Lovely mandala Pammy Sue. Thanks so much for seeing my mistake on my first mandala and letting me know. Now I'm not afraid to make another one. LOL! Your puppies are so cute by the way.


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