Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Grump, Groan, Grouch...

I received my Bodum order in this GIANT box.
I don't get it.
Two electric kettles (no glass).
I want to meet the person who thought this was a good idea.
And then stuff him into this HUGE box and fire him.
Because I'm just bitchy like that sometimes.


Did I tell you that I ordered two 16 x 16 pillow forms and two round pillow forms from eBay?  I can't find either of those things around here.  I have a 12 x 12 and an 18 x 18 already.  I see some crochet pillow covers in my future.  And I'll be able to finally reveal the red & white one I made a couple of weeks back.  I love pillows.


I can't sleep.  No sleep makes Pammy Sue a very grumpy girl.  I must have my sleep...and a lot of it.  I need nine hours per night.  That's just the way it is.  I haven't been taking naps lately either.  I've been saying that I think it's the B-12 I've been taking with my other pills in the mornings.  I noticed a big difference and feel so much better during the day since I've been taking it, and it was almost immediate.  But I think it is keeping me awake.  What to do?

Then yesterday The Captain was telling me that some guys were talking at work about that 5-Hour Energy shot that you can buy almost anywhere.  They said that it has less than a cup of coffee's worth of caffeine, but it has lots of Vitation B-12!  Me thinks I may be right about the B-12 being the culprit.

But I don't want to stop!  I feel better!  I'm just grumpy from no sleep.  Do I want to feel better and be grumpy or sleep?  Hmm.  No dilemma for me there.  I think I'll stop taking it and see what happens.  But not until next week.  I have a busy next few days coming up through the weekend.


When I push on the side of my cheek, I can feel and hear something squiching in my ear.  That can't be good.  Probably the allergy thing again.  I'll be glad when we get our first freeze (usually mid-November) so it will kill everything and stop the pollen.

Okay, now that I've grumped my way through this entry, it's time to go.  I really don't feel grumpy, I just am.  Does that make sense?

Grouch, grouch, grouch...


  1. Pammy Sue,

    I'm not sure Vit. B 12 would keep you awake. Google it and see. But since it has something to do with Metabolism... It's POSSIBLE... I really don't know.

  2. Hehe.. too funny and yet.. NOT. That is overkill on the box!! My gosh after doing ebay for 9 years I've gotten pretty darn smart at packing and saving my buyers money. As far as B12. I have pernicious anemia so I understand. I take 2000 mg a day and it's still low. We are trying to get it up but it's quite sluggish. I am ALWAYS tired. Oy. NOw as far as sleep, I have insomnia so I sleep when i can even if it's only 20 minutes at a time. I take what i get. We all have these days don't we? Hard to please and best to keep back from a arms throw of any object near by. bwaaaa!! Funny.. oh and get your ear checked out before you blow an eardrum (yes, i've done both ears) cause it hurts!! Hugs. Tammy

  3. So don't push on the side of your cheek! :o)

    I used to smoke, over a year smoke free now, and before I quit I never had a problem with allergies. Now it's horrible!! What's up with that? Was the nicotine keeping all the allergens out?

    And ya know what? I'm glad I don't smoke anymore. My boss leaves her butts in the garbage can when she comes back in and talk about stink. My house definitely smells better since I quit.

    Hope you feel better!! B-12 didn't do diddly for me. :o(


  4. I take vitamin B12 by injection once a month. I don't notice much difference. My doctor told me that taking B12 orally doesn't do much good unless you take the kind that you place under your tongue and let it dissolve.

  5. I never come here without laughing my head off!!!!!

  6. Hi Pammy Sue, I'm a grouch too, when I don't get my sleep. Lately I can tell for me, it's been hormonal. Hmm, me thinks...this is whatcha should do: Take the b-12 early in the morn with breakfast. Don't have any caffeine after 3pm and if ya can, take a vit-b complex tab also in morn because the b vites work better together. B-vites help to calm the nervous system. We usually get enough calcium (so many foods are fortified now) but we are lacking magnesium because our soils are ruined from pesticides so if ya wanta sleep, get some of Peter Gillham's (brand) "CALM". petergillham.com. It is magnesium powder that goes into a clear solution that you can add juice to and it is not chalky, it is practically tasteless. Drink it about an hour before bed and you will sleep like a baby! Another product I like is Enzymatic Therapy's "Fatigued to Fantastic! Revitalizing Sleep Formula" caps. It's a totally natural sleep aid and it works when I have insomnia. I swear that this "change o' life" that we women go thru has totally messed with my energy, sleep patterns and digestion. It SUCKS big time and the above has been my arsenal against using my crochet hook for anything other than yarn when I'm lacking patience!!! This is Dr. Ann's Rx for sanity!! Please don't take any sleep drugs, try natural remedies first. **hugs and smiles**

  7. Ooooo! I've been meaning to tell you to get some MELATONIN. It is a natural product that is found naturally in your body and it promotes sleep.

    I bought a bottle recently and I take one tablet about an hour before bed. It makes me drowsy and I sleep pretty good!

    I found mine at the grocery store but you may have to go to the health food store to find it. It's not expensive either.


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