Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Pretty

Did you see this on Flickr?  I think it's so pretty.  It was made by Babukatorium.  She has made some really interesting and colorful things.  I love the blues and greens together in this one.

I am seriously behind on my Bernat Crochet-Along squares.  Between work and the company we've had lately, I haven't kept up.  I'm printing the instructions for each week and putting them in a folder so I'll have all of them when I can get to it.  I did spend the money on their yarn for it, so I'll eventually get to it.  That's another one I forgot about when I was listing my WIP blankets the other day!   Sheesh!

It's cloudy and overcast here today.  I hope it stays that way and rains.  I'd love a couple of rainy weekend days.

Have a wonderful fall Friday!


  1. That is a pretty combination of blues and greens. It kind of pops out at you. :o)

  2. I agree with you. I also love the colours blue and green together.
    It's a lovely blanket.

  3. Yes, that is very pretty!! Striking color combo. I still can't post pics on blogger. I am so frustrated. Even started another blog on Wordpress. But I prefer blogger. So who knows. At any rate...thank goodness it is friday. I am fried!!

  4. I do love the blues and green in this one.

    I too am wishing for rain. We are having to actually water our evergreens here.

    Off to pick a pattern.

  5. Her afghan is gorgeous! Time, what time? Time seems to go so fast I'd need a rocket to catch up. Oy, so many things to do and never enough time. I have to start small or I get overwhelmed by it all! Hugs. Tammy

  6. Those colors are very pretty together - reminds me of the sea!

    I'm gonig to do a crochet-along for the first time. Maggie Weldon has one for a fun looking Christmas pillow...we'll see how that will go because I, too, have a lot of Christmas projects and Swaps to do...time will tell.

    I always pray for rainy days to catch up on my hookin because I won't have to feel guilty for not walking the dog (I know I'm bad- or is it just desperate?) Call me the Desperate Hooker - LOL

    Happy weekend :-_)

  7. OMG....I bet the Victoria Secret people would be mortified about your Dog Kids taking your bra....Yikes !


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