Monday, October 04, 2010

Cuteness & Yumminess

Once again I’m coming to you via Windows Live Writer.  If it weren’t for you, Live Writer, I would be cancelling my Blogger and buying my own site for my blog!  They’d better to get it together soon, or that’s exactly what I’ll do!  I’ve resorted to threats.  We should all boycott them.

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Wanna see something too cute?  Do ya?


This is totally something I would put on my car.  And they’re affordable too!  You can order some HERE.

I got this picture at this website:  Inspire Me

Go be entertained.

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The bread…


It turned out FAB!  Wanna bite? 

Open wide…


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I have to work this morning, but this afternoon I’ll be off to Hobby Lobby to exchange my pillow form for the correct size if they have it.  Then I shall have a Ta-Dah for you tomorrow!

Have a good one.  Do something nice for somebody today, m’kay?


  1. I would too. Those are fun. Does this bread look yummie or what. I can smell the melting butter here and now. Have fun at H.L., remember to show us your goodies. And don't forget to print your 40% off coupon before you go.

    I ditto the Blogger thing this morning. Still having issues Commenting. What's up with them?

  2. Wow, the bread looks delicious. I tried to reach luck.

  3. Ta-Da ! ! ! !

    Just in case you don't get yours posted, I am giving you a Ta-da for today :0}


  4. Your bread turned out great! Looks delicious! :-)

  5. I haven't had any problems with blogger, just been a bit slow, that's all.
    The bread looks delicous. Bon apetit!

  6. The bread looks so delish! I love warm buttered bread.

    I'm not having a problem with blogger either. Of course I'm usually at work when I post so it's pretty responsive.

    Hope you had a good day! :o)

  7. Nix what I said...I lied. Blogger is giving me problems. It put huge spaces between paragraphs, so I went to clean them up and now they're all running together. Screw it! lol

  8. OMG...I have the car lash site saved to my favs for my impending order....and I have a white bug...They would look cute...but are they over the top?.....nah!
    I am a bread person...
    Queen trivia: I used to work in a bakery in Alabama . I was the bread girl that had to come in at 5 am....then... They made me go on the overhead announcment system at Food World to announce the bakery specials they could laugh at my northern Hoosier accent

  9. I wonder why you are having trouble with Blogger? Weird.

    Now on to much better things. GIVE ME THAT BREAD! I'm SO serious. If you don't, I'm gonna come over there and open a can of whoop *ss on you!

    I received the beautiful Mandala today. I'm going to take a picture as soon as we get a minute of sun and post it to my blog.

  10. Oh my goodness..your bread is amazing!

    Thank you for visiting me and entering my giveaway!

  11. That bread looks mouth watering...:-)


  12. Hi Pam, Don'tcha think that butter should have it's own food group? Your bread looks delish, I can smell it from here, yum! After you become acquainted with your new kitchen toy please let us know how ya like it. The eyelashes are just too cute. Makes me want to go get a v-dub bug just for the eyelashes. I also like their flower holder thingy/vase on the dashboard. Can't wait for your reveal with the right size form!

  13. How cute..:)) its dinner time here and your bread sure would fit in just fine.. you are a clever girl :))On the blogging side of things, I am not have any probs .. just wish I could more with the page.. :))


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