Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Bell of the Fall





I made up the edging.  It’s just a few rounds of sc, then a round of sc, ch 1, sk 1, sc, repeat.  The last round is done in a 3dc shell in ch sp, sc in next ch sp, repeat. Five-dc shell in corners. 


Thank you to Kate for her Orphan Annie Pattern.  I’d link you to it, but I believe she has made some corrections to the pattern since she posted it.  If you want it, I’m sure she’d be happy to give it to you.  Or if she doesn’t mind, I can email it to you.  The name of my finished blanket, Bell of the Fall, is for her.  I giggled out loud when I thought of it this morning.  She is such an inspiration to us all with her beautiful crochet and photography work.

I really enjoyed crocheting this blanket!

Details:  Worsted Weight Acrylic Yarn in various solids and variegated colors (Various Brands but mostly ILTY)

Hook:  Size J

Finished Size:  Approx. 52” x 72”


  1. I would definately work this into my home even though i'm shabby chicy... I might just have to give up a room for prim/country decor just for beauties like this one. Extremely beautiful. Insane!! Love it. Tammy

  2. Oh, humble one. I'm so honored. The name truly is perfect, if I don't say so myself...chuckle-chuckle. This turned out sooooo nicely. Isn't the pattern too fun. It goes so quickly. You know I don't have to tell you what I think about those colors. ADORE EACH and EVERY ONE.

    So, you didn't sleep last night. Me either. I almost Skyped you at 2am but then thought better. Back to D.S. of M. and the border. I'm finishing it up and should have some pics tomorrow to post if the weather cooperates. Heading down into the 20s tonight.

    What's for dinner tonight? You always help me out in a jam. I so, don't want to go shopping today. You know how it is when you are on day 2 of the bad hair after tossing all night. The barettes are out in full force.

    Thanks again for having fun with O.A., you truly are the best friend in blogland.


  3. purrrrr...I like. Hey ...what you guys doin up so late? I am up till like 3am every me .

  4. Just lovely Pammy Sue! Fantastic colors! I like this pattern - I've never done a ripple stitch... yet - this is one I would try. We all must have been up last night. I got up around 2am too. Not raining today so landscapers are back they are working on laying the pavers on the front walk.

  5. Oh Beautiful Pammy!! I'm not normally a "fall color" person but I love this!! Granny Ripples are really gettin popular... they didn't used to be pretty but some of you all have done some stunning patterns lately in them.

  6. That is my most favoritist afghan I've seen thus far... you are a yarnist... or a yarteest... however you want to say it... but just lovely my friend.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous!

  8. this is so good looking.. really beautiful... Hugs from South Texas.

  9. That is beautiful Pammy Sue! I love your colors, edging and the name you gave it. Perfect!

  10. Wow... Wow... Wow! That is all I can say - that is absolutely gorgeous Pammy! Love the colors, love the border, everything.

  11. Pam, it is stunning!!! Love it!!!
    Love the name too. How fitting!

  12. I Like, I Like, I Like!!!!

    Love the Fall colors!!! It would look perfectttt on our living room sofa!!!


  13. Oh, this is beautiful!!

  14. Oh Pammy, this is your most beautiful yet!
    I would love the pattern if you could send it to me.

    Thank you

  15. BEAUTY-LUSCIOUS! Fittin' name, too! Out did yourself this time, wow! You'll be perfectly warm in your perfect 'ghan this winter.

  16. Absolutely stunning Pam! You did Kate's pattern up proud. Love the colors, the border and especially the name. Just perfect.

    Hugs XX

  17. It is lovely, the colours of the rug and the edging to finish the project.
    Great feeling when big rugs are completed.. Well done :))

  18. That looks fantastic. I love the colours you used.

  19. Pam this one is very beautiful. You have really outdone yourself this time. If you have time I would love a copy of this pattern if you wouldn't mind.

    email me at mollywilson49(at)yahoo(dot) com

    Thanks so much

  20. Wow, your blanket turned out amazing , I love the pattern and the colours.Stunning :0)
    Jacquie x

  21. Love it! I love the granny ripple, have made it many times it crochets up soo quickly! I used the crochet a long pattern from U tube.. Great colors..

  22. I'm galloping over from Kate's to see your beautiful Belle of the Fall. It is absolutely gorgeous! I am definitely gonna have to give this pattern a try. I hope it is easy. I am so bad with patterns sometimes. :/ Have a great weekend. Tammy

  23. May have to make this I have a huge box of yarn that I bought two years ago for a ripple afghan for a newborn niece . . who will be 2 in Nov.

    I LOVE ripples an LOVE grannies so I think this will be a great combo.

    \0/ paula

  24. Beautiful work Pam!!.. and I had to smile, as aren't YOU the one who says you hating thinking up titles?!! This was a good one!.. Enjoy your day, and have a great Halloween weekend! ~tina

  25. Very pretty!
    Hey my crazy Maw is visiting Texas this week! (Dont worry she's in Houstin :)!)

  26. Pammy Sue,
    This is stupendous! Go for it, another blanket. I just came home with another armful of yarn when I have a house full.

  27. Would love to have the pattern. Can you e-mail it to me? The colors are fab..

  28. How beautiful....

  29. Pammy Sue, this is just beautiful! Your colors blend together wonderfully. I have this afghan on my lists to make. Kate is such a GREAT inspiration!

  30. Pammy... this is absolutely beautiful... can I copy it??... you have so so so many ideas I want to copy!!! sorry.. I should start something "mine".. jajajaja...
    Thanks for giving us ideas!!

    You are so creative!

    Hugs from Chile!


  31. Hi Pammy! I love reading your blog and had to drop a quick note to ask where I could get this pattern. I turned out so pretty..

  32. So I'm over on Flickr having a look around your Flickr site and saw this blanket and had to come have a look. I've now been over to Kate's and found the pattern in her archives and have saved it down to my PC. I LOVE this! So many pretty colors. There is SO MUCH on your Flickr site that makes me say oooooh and aaaaaah! LOL


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