Thursday, September 30, 2010


I like Thursdays.  I don't know why.  I just do.

Look what they went and posted yesterday over at Sister's Cafe.  I just had to make them yesterday when I saw this recipe.  They are delish.  And I like that the recipe is only for an 8 x 8 pan so it doesn't make a ton.  If you need a ton, it's easy enough to double.  Today they have Fresh Pizza Sauce.  Yum.  They can keep the cinnamon though.  I love cinnamon, but only in sweet dishes.

I swear I am going to buy me a food processor very soon!  I'm just being a cheap-ass by not getting one.  It'll be worth it, right?  I figure $100 bucks will get me a good enough one from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  AND I can use one of those $5 coupons they are constantly sending me.  Feel free to comment on this subject and give me your recommendation if you have any.

I forgot that yesterday was Week #2 of the Bernat Crochet-Along.  I guess I'd better get to crackin' and make my squares.  So far this is the easiest thing in the world (= boring).  I hope it gets more interesting.  I'm sure the afghan will be pretty even if the blocks are all simple.  The colors are so pretty that they recommended.

Instead of doing the crochet-along squares yesterday, I was busy doing this:
If you followed the link yesterday to the Red & White Pillow, you know what I'm doing.  Or if you just read this sentence, you probably know too, unless you are dense like me sometimes.  Yes, I have Crochet ADD.  Sue me.

I love this tea.  If you can't see the picture well enough it's Instant Peach Iced Tea Mix.  Do you like my pig jello mold?  I guess that's what it is.  I bought it at an "antique" store last summer.  I have never actually used it, but it looks cute hanging above my stove.  I guess you could bake a cake in it too.  Beats me.  I just liked the pig.

Eli, Daddy's Little Butt Dangler.

He lurves his Daddy.  Hmpf!  The Captain didn't even want him.  Now you can't pry the two of them apart!  I'm just jealous.  I am the center of his universe until Daddy gets home.  I know he is bribing him with Meaty Bones (and popcorn and pretzels) after I go to bed.


  1. Same Food Processor feelings. Then, I found a VERY SMALL one on sale somewhere . . . perfect for salsa and two people "processing. Now, I use it for almost everything I need to chop up tiny . . GREAT for mincing Turkey for Turkey Salad.

    Sometimes I need to do three or for "choppings" to get everything I need done, but the end results are worth it.

    Still, no need for a large one, but the mini is just perfect!

    Oh, those cheesecake bars look WONDERFUL!

    \0/ Paula

  2. I have a Kenwood food processor but I don't know if you get those over in the US. I use mine for lots of stuff - making cake mixes, pizza dough (it has a dough paddle) pasta sauces, veg chopping when I need it really fine (good for hiding veggies for a 2 year old!) making breadcrumbs - I could go on with my list as they are so good! DO IT - BUY ONE!!!! You won't regret it :)

  3. Food processor--can't live without when I make my laundry soap. Anyway, I have a Hamilton Beach, 525 watt, "big mouth", 14 cup bowl and I paid less than $100 for it. It does a great job too. I used it this summer for the little bit of tomato sauce making I did and I ground bar soap to put in my homemade laundry soap. I recommend this one. You may want to compare prices on Amazon with your local stores.

  4. I agree with Paula, I have a mini one now. I have 2 large ones that are sitting in my cupboard as the parts that I used the most (shredder) finally broke or cracked, whatever and then you have to order another part which ends up being just too expensive especially when you add in postage--cheaper to buy a new one.
    Love the red and white you are working on.

  5. Love your red & white's - they always look impressive to me, especially when its kept basic.

    I have a large processor, but want a smaller one - tiny kitchen. So I kept forgetting to use the big one - so its now out and I will work it to its death (it was only a cheapie for me to try). Then I can get a small one


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