Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturdee, 9/11

I couldn't bring myself to post any of the other 9/11 pictures.  It still makes my stomach hurt and my heart ache to see them.


I bought these on

I was being a dork and crocheting with the light on this hook last night.
I told you I was bored.

These flowers and some chocolates were delivered to my door this past week.

No special reason.
The Captain just loves me.

I still adore this picture.
It makes me smile hard.
You can see this dog's soul in his eyes.
And kibbles & bits in his teeth.  Ha.


  1. Quite the somber day here to. Lots of thinking back to that moment when all our lives changed.

    You know how I feel about the covered hooks. Great find.

    Sooooo, glad to see the popcorn out again. I was really worried you were going to frog it. Please don't.

    I too, still adore that pictures.

    Egg bake ready to go in the oven. Nice and quiet here today. But, I think it's nap time with little rain hitting the roof.


  2. Aww! What a cute shot of the dog. My heart breaks for all those that lost there lives that day. And all the families they left behind. Such a sad day.

    I have one of those light up hooks, but my daughter has taken it over. :)
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Those hooks are so adorable! I have to start crochetting again. Xmas is just a few months away and everyone's getting a gift of yarn.

  4. Great post today Pammy Sue.

  5. Hi Pammy,

    I know what you mean about any more 9 / 11 pictures... It's only right to remember it... But I can't stand looking at more pictures. It hurts to think about it.

    I LOVE those hooks with the lights on them. I used them on our plane trip. And in the lounge on the ship...:-) I like the one you bought on Etsy also. But the ones with the lights FIT my hand.


  6. Twas a sad day. Jonah and I were in Florida with a friend... sat on the empty beach for a few hours... it was sad.

    Lerve those lovely lady hooks! I saw a set of them on etsy but I couldn't afford them... didn't know you could get just a few... perty.

    Your flowers and your... ahem... dog... are perty too.

    Have a loverly weekend. I'm off to the maternity ward once again. The Queen is sickly. I'm afraid I have passed along the crud I had.

  7. Oooooo pretty flowers! How sweet of The Captain!
    I've never seen any crochet hooks like that. Those are really unique.

  8. What beautiful flowers! Isn't it wonderful to get flowers just because instead of a certain "holiday" says you should? Kudos to the Captain! And you can "whine" to us anytime you like...we are here for you! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I forgot to ask you what website you got you cute crochet hooks from! I luv them!

  10. What a treasure is your Captain. How wonderful to get flowers and candy for no reason.

    We can never forget what happenned on 9/11/01. Such an eerie day, and it changed our lives forever.

    I love those hooks, I need some.

  11. Anonymous4:39 PM

    I just love your very pretty poly clay crochet hooks. I just have to get me at least one. I love your blog too. It almost always makes me smile.

    Karen in SC


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