Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Razzle Dazzle

Thought I'd dazzle you with my mad photog skilz with a cheap camera and a perfect rose from my backyard.  Even with a cheap camera, it's hard to mess up Mother Nature.  Beautiful.
Can you smell it?

And now...
A box of chicken!  Ha-ha.
How's that for some razzle dazzle?
Can you smell it?

Yes, I'm going to photograph everything on that bedspread now until you can't stand to see one more picture of it!

I wanted to share with you this box-o-chicken breast because I love it.  I buy it at Wal-Mart.  Each chicken breast is individual wrapped so you can thaw out just what you need.  There are 5 to 7 breasts in each 2.25 lb-box, depending on their individual size.  I pay $8.86 for a box.  This is my third box.  I don't know if it's more expensive to buy it this way or not, but I haven't wasted one chicken breast by not cooking it in time after thawing.  So it's a bargain in my book.  I've tried buying the big packages and freezing each breast in freezer bags, but that's such a mess and a hassle, and sometimes they still get freezer burn when they are double-bagged.

So there you have it.  A rose and a box of chicken.  What more could you ask for from a blog?  What's that?  Crochet, you say?  Well okay...

All I managed to get done last night was a coaster to go with the placemat.
I like it.
And isn't that crocheted bedspread pretty?  hee.


  1. You are right Pammy Sue, that bedspread is the perfect backdrop for anything at all. Nice coaster too.

  2. that box of chicken is beautiful....just exquisite

  3. Love to buy the individual portions of food like your chicken breasts. It probably is more expensive, but why should I pay less and only get 1 or 2 breasts when throwing every thing else out. I'll stick with buying only the parts I want.

    SInce youwant to photo everything on the bedspread, will we be seeing youposing on it?

    * * * giggle * * *

    Just had to ask.


  4. The rose is gorgeous! My entire front yard is lined with roses. I should get one more show before I have to prune them back. I will have to look for that chicken box. It is nice to be able to just take out one or two!!

  5. Yes, I do love your bedspread. :) The placemat and coaster look great. :) After seeing yours, I am thinking I need some for my table. :)

  6. Oh Pammy Sue you are just too much. You make my day, I'm cracking up. But lately you are risque: a bedspread (which is gorgeous btw and a steal @ $25) used as a tablecloth, phallic symbols and now breasts!

    Pretty coaster and placemat!

    Heck, if I joined the c-a-l for the Bernat afghan I would get the prize for taking the longest to finish. My 'ghan I started over 3 yrs ago is still not finished! But I'm going to watch your progress and I hope you win!

  7. Thanks and ear scratching as l type...they all come for cuddles in a morning right now Mr T is on my feet and Bruppers by my side hehe
    Hugs x

  8. WOW - you have fancy looking chicken breasts ;p

    I love the rose - what a perfect specimen :)



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