Monday, September 13, 2010

Placemats & Coasters

First of four placemats with matching coasters.  Will post pictures of the set when it's finished.  The free pattern is on Ravelry HERE.  I made every third row or so DC, ch 2, DC in the tips to keep it from being as pointy as shown in the pattern picture.  I stopped at 12 rows (coasters will be 4 rows) and used ILTY and a size H hook (5mm).  Measures 15 3/4 inches from tip to tip.

Short post today.  Must get to work.  Bleh.


  1. Hey..that's really cool. I love round placemats! Sorry you have to work today. Strangely, I'm off today so I'm going to get my hair trimmed. I made the appt. Saturday. Scratchy throat though...uh oh....

  2. Very, very pretty.

  3. Really like your yarn choice. Thanks for always inspiring us to get out the hooks and do something fun.

  4. Are you not sleeping again? Just where are you finding the time. This is fun.

    More work this week. Boo-Hoo.. but then that's OK. I got to get packing. We played hookie outside all weekend.

  5. Your post yesterday got me started on coasters for a Kitchen swap. They ended up nice . . but so totally different from yours due to the halloween colors.

    Now, I want to see what designs I can come up with for coasters.

    Thanks for inspiring me to work more! LOLOL

    \0/ paula


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