Friday, September 24, 2010

Nothing in Particular

This is the afghan pattern I bought on
Who knows if I'll ever get around to making it.
I promise I am NOT starting another afghan until the Pink Popcorn Ripple is done!
I swear!  For real!

Another Circle of Friends square.

Supposedly the once again hot weather (mid-90s right now) is on the way out. It's supposed to be really nice 80-degree weather for the next week or so. I'm impatiently waiting for the 60-degree weather. That's more my idea of "nice" weather. I need to find a new fall blog template, I suppose. Maybe I'll just wait for winter. What I have up now is kinda-sorta fall-like. We'll see how bored I get in the next couple of weeks.

I recently discovered that we get the ID Channel, which I didn't know we got. So I spend hours of my day & evening with that channel on watching and listening to true crime stories of one sort or another. That can't be good, can it? It's more interesting to me than anything else that's on though. Normally I have the Fox News Chanel on all day, but that has been boring me to death lately. I guess soap operas wouldn't be much better than true crime. They're fake crime stories and scandal instead. I don't really ever just sit and watch anyway. I'm always half-listening and half-watching while doing other things (crochet, cooking, crochet, reading, crochet, etc). You'll notice I didn't say cleaning or laundry. Hee-hee.

Ghost Adventurers is on tonight. After talking about it here last Friday, the season premier was so dumb! Half the show was silly Civil War reenactment. If they start doing that sort of thing on a regular basis, I won't be watching. Who's terrible idea was that anyway? They must have been wearing their Bad Idea jeans that day. Remember that from Saturday Night Live? I still use the Bad Idea jeans analogy all the time. And I must own too many pairs myself.

I think I'm going to make more Granny Mandalas today.  Really many mandalas can one person need?  Maybe I'll give some away?  That would be fun, wouldn't it?  Yes, I do believe another giveaway seed has been planted!

Now to come up with some good color combos for my peeps (that's you).  Look for an announcement soon!  Of course I need at least 5 winners.  I like lots of winners!  That means I need to get busy.  I wish I could make one for everybody.  I'm running off to the yarn stash...


  1. Love the new pattern. It is so tempting to start new projects, even before our existing one is done. I am a quilter, so I do it all the time. But I do typically finish what I start. I want to make one of the pretty circles you are featuring!!! Gonna be triple digits here this weekend. UGH!!

  2. Hi! Lovely granny circles in your last post and such a pretty square! I love the color raspberry so of course I love that afghan you got the pattern for. It's got a pretty border, also. Yeah, it's hot here, too. Soaps never interested me but I had a friend in High Schl that would go home every day at lunch and watch. Sometimes I would drag along. I always think that if people really had that much drama in their lives they'd drop dead of a heart attack by age 35! Have a great wknd!

  3. That is a really pretty afghan pattern you got. What is it called? I may have to get it.... LMHO

    I like the new Circle of Friends square. It was very nice in white, even prettier, I think, in colors, though not by much. I love it, though. I had to download that pattern. Yeesh, my list of projects I must make gets longer...... LOL

  4. That is a beautiful new pattern Pammy Sue. The giveaway sounds great...can't wait.

  5. Do you watch Ghost Hunter(TAPS) I do enjoy G and J...I like your Granny Square

  6. I love your new selected afghan pattern. I am off to look at more of your blog that I have been missing.


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