Monday, September 06, 2010

Lazy Holiday

I’m too lazy to go use my main computer to make an entry, so this is what you get today.  Some favorite things I saw on today…
bracelet peace Bracelet
amethyst soap Soap shaped like amethyst!
dogilove2fartDog CollarTag
Stitch Markers
southwest soap set
Southwest Soap Hearts
silver with pearls
Silver & Pearl Bracelet
turquoise teardrop
Turquoise Teardrop Necklace
wiggle butt
Dog Collar Tag
This reminds me of Abby :(
Paw Border Going Right
The Captain (Barnaby) has gone to work after his long weekend.  I’m going to crochet and mess around here.  I have one lonely chicken breast in the oven for my dinner.
By the way, this is your formal notice that Barnaby will heretofore be referred to as, “The Captain.”  He has long hated the name Barnaby I gave him here years ago.  He approved of The Captain, so there you go.  He is the Captain of my Heart.  How’s that for sappy?  (He didn’t approve that part so don’t tell him I said that.  Hee-hee.)
I can’t believe my chicken is ready but there’s the timer.  Gotta go.


  1. I love the fart charm... claaaasic!

    Just quit one of my jobs today... and FEELING FINE about it! Woot!

    Happy Labor Day! I got the day off so no laboring moms for me today... it's a beautiful thing.

  2. If he's Captain, are you Tennille?

  3. HI Pammy Sue!

    I love the silver bracelet and the medal that says WIGGLE BUTT... Paul & I called Sissy Wiggle Butt when she was pregnant... When she walked down the steps... umm... her cute little rear wiggled...LOL


  4. I think "The Captain" is perfect although, I really did like Barnaby.

  5. Hi Pam...those stitch markers are adorable!!!!

  6. ooooo, love the silve bracelet. nice!
    We've had daily rainfall or the past month, so many storms and both coasts. I heard that there's one heading towards Texas. Hope you're well.

  7. It's funny you posted the bracelet with the peace sign. I had just seen a couple this weekend (peace signs) and thought about maybe incorporating one or more of them into something crocheted for a friend of mine who rides a sky blue motorcycle plastered with peace signs and flowers.

    I had a lazy weekend myself. :)

  8. Hi, I love your etsy picks. I'd never use the pretty soaps because they're just too pretty; they'd be for decoration only. I love the stitch markers, too cute. Glad you had time off and sorry you ate alone. Your Noro doily in the earlier post is pretty. Hey it's only a 4 day work week, yeah!

  9. It's nice to explore Etsy - you find all sorts of fun and unusual things there - makes me smile to think of all those creative folks out there that are sharing our planet.

    I love to stay home, crochet and just mess around - so non-obligatory ;-)

  10. Amen, to being too lazy to get to the computer. Can't believe the weekend got away from both of us. You always find something charming and clever to post about. Sure wish I could do the same.

    What's that I hear...nothing...perfect...


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