Saturday, September 04, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day in Texas

I got up early enough to enjoy the 60-degree weather this morning.  Ahhhh!  There's nothing better after a HOT Texas summer than the first cool snap in the air.  It's one of my favorite things on earth.  I love fall-like weather!

I snapped some backyard pictures while I was out there.  These are the only ones that made the cut...

A not-so-perfect rose that is still pretty if you ask me.

Fancy Pants

Mr. Man

I made this last night while watching TV.  The pattern is HERE in the sidebar.  Check out all her pretty stuff.  Her pink pillow is pink-a-licious (scroll down the page), and I want her cat.  I was going to make a barstool cover, but I ran out of yarn before it was big enough so I'm just going to use it as a doily.  I used one ball of Noro Kureyon yarn and an F hook.

I'm making a 3-layer Strawberry Cake today for my boys' birthdays.  We're having lunch and birthday cake over here tomorrow with the fam.  Cake picture and recipe to come.


  1. MMMM to everything.

  2. That girl is into pink. I like the pink pillow and the chair....its hot

  3. Fancy Pants and Mr. Man would not like you taking in a cat now would they? Nice Mandala.

  4. I like the cooler weather, but man, I think I've kinda missed out on summer, dang it! I do like that little round pillow, it's cute.

  5. your mandala is lovely! Noro mandala, thats extravagant! And so tempting too!
    Great stuff, I love seeing madalas everywhere!
    Have a lovely weekend
    p.s I'll swap you the cat for the french bulldog?

  6. It's HOT here but the weather guy promised a cooling off starting tomorrow. Hope he didn't lie.

    Love the new doily. I love all your stuff! You are just amazing!

  7. Love all the preeetttieees!

  8. aweeee! Love these photos. The dogs are so sweet! I love the rose, I tend to prefer the non-perfect. WE are having so cool weather too. LOVE it! Gonna check out the Ribfest today so should be fun.

  9. Love your photos and can't wait for the first crips snap in the air's still muggy and humid and Summer's stubbornly holding on...mmmmm, strawberry cake!


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