Friday, August 13, 2010

Who WAS That?

Did y'all see a grumpy old hag blow through here yesterday hurling insults?  I have banished her from the premises today, but her cute dogs can stay.


  1. Whaaat? What did I miss?

  2. Chuckle.....I had one of those days too! Have a good one today Pammy Sue!

  3. LOL! We'll surely miss her.

  4. "She's" entitled every once in a while--just not every day! ;)

  5. Everybody needs to gripe / vent once in awhile. Just get it out of your system...;-)
    Just Warn Us Ahead Of Time When your going to do that....LOL

    Just Kidding Pammu Sue... we all have those kind of days.


  6. What did I miss? Are you causing trouble in blogland again. I know it's not me, as I don't have a dog. But, I don't see my comment, was it tooooooooo incryped and only for our eyes.

    Half-baked up.

  7. Oh I don't - she wasn't all that bad....really!

  8. Good to let it out once in awhile, my goodness what would happen if you bottled it up for a loong time? LOL

    Hugs XX

  9. Hey,
    Stopped by to visit your great Blog.
    You sound like me. I had to be a bitch also, and banish some one from my blog. Everyone has their opinions, but she was stomping on my happiness!
    Have a great day. Isn't it a feeling of great power to not let some one rain on your parade?


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