Thursday, August 05, 2010

What Now?

Oh my, what is that Pammy Sue doing now?  (Don't you hate when people talk in third person?)  Do you recognize that center circle??  I think I am such a smarty pants for recycling one of my circles for this project.  Actually, I recycled all of the brown ones for this.  I frogged them and used the yarn for the brown ring.  No, it's not a rug.  No, it's not a doily.  No, it's not a blanket or afghan or pillow.  What else is there?  Just wait until you see it!  And if you know what it's going to be, don't spoil it for the rest.  Right now it's 22 inches across. 

I am the Queen of hype, yes?  I can make any mundane thing sound fantastic.  But I really am excited about this one.  I say that about everything, don't I?  I can't help it.  I love crochet.  It excites me.

Here are the little squares I made last night from Beyond the Square Motifs (Although this is not beyond the square.  This IS a square):

I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet.  Can anybody tell me how to join them as I go?  I want to join them with a stitch at the corners and in that middle loop on each side.  Seems like I could remove my hook and just crochet through that loop, but I tried it and it looks bad.  How would I do that EXACTLY?  Anybody?  My little pea brain cannot figure it out.  I just sit there and stare at it and my mind goes blank.  Gah.  I bet I could find something on YouTube that would show me.

See you late tomorrow with my Ta-Dah Big Round THING!


  1. You frogged.. good girl. I'm not, no way no how.. You started my on this circle of friends journey and I'm down to the border. But, I'm so far behind on what you keep putting in postings. I still haven't hooked one on that shawl. Yes, H.L. visit. eeeeeks...

    Now about these SNOWFLAKES... How's about some kinds of ornament or banner for the holidays.

    I'm thinking TABLECLOTH....

  2. Pammy Sue,
    Go to Attic24's blog. Lucy has a tutorial there where you join the corners and the middle one with a crochet as you go using a slip stich method. Its kinda cool and I think it will work wonders with this one!

  3. Hello Pammy Sue,

    Love your blog and I'll be back tomorrow for the big reveal.

  4. What a cute circle! You really have my curiosity peeked as to what the final product will be! I will check back with you tomorrow!

  5. Pammy.... your stuff is GORGEOUS DAHLING!!!

  6. The little snowflakes look like earrings - so cute! I've awarded you on my blog - pop on over to collect :)

  7. Pammy Sue

    I have just discovered your blog and it is beautiful. Your work is amazing. I crochet too but not quite to your level. Will be popping back frequently. Clare x

  8. What is in the works over there? Looks very interesting. The world is your oyster...those little squares would also make a posh embellishment for pillow cases too.

  9. I love how you salvaged one of those circles! It does looks so much better! I have an idea on what it might be but I'll wait for you to let us all know in case I'm wrong :)
    To join those gorgeous square motifs: sc in the center ch of each ch sp as you're crocheting the exterior rnd of the square. Do you have the pattern for those squares? I love the design!

  10. Love your little squares, can't wait to see them joined. I only know the slip stitch join-as-you-go method, like on Attic 24.
    As for your circly thingy - you have ruled out everything my thoughts first turned to

  11. 22 inches across? Are you making a fancy summer light weight hat?



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