Thursday, August 19, 2010

THREE Crochet Mags!

I hit the jackpot in the mailbox today...THREE, count 'em, THREE crochet magazines!  I got two Crochet Today! magazines and one just plain Crochet! magazine.  (Why do they put exclamation marks in their titles?  That's dumb.)  Why did I get two Crochet Today! magazines, you ask?  Because those bitches cut my ass off!  Can you believe they actually wanted me to pay them money and quit sending me magazines?  Jeez!  Touchy, ain't they?  So when I finally paid them they realized their mistake, they sent me the last two issues that I had missed.

There is nothing going on here.  I mean nothing.  And I don't have the imagination lately to make stuff up and entertain you.  And this evening I am so excited that I have THREE crochet magazines to read, I can hardly stay here another moment.  So goodbye.


  1. You crack me up!!!! Enjoy your maggies!

  2. LOL...lucky you! I ordered Interweave but I won't get one til next month. I saw what you wrote on it. I ordered it before you wrote that. Oh well.

    I kinda feel like this...if I order a mag I want one every month. Reader's Digest got me spoiled that way I guess. :o) None of these come out every month. :o(

  3. Too funny. It must be the heat or something. Our brains must be fried. Still working on cleaning up 14,000 pictures...ecks... Not all are being moved to the new PC. What a job. But, it actually feeling good to lay low for a while here.

  4. Ha! I've always thought that about the exclamation points's like we're being ordered to do it. Crochet Today! *salutes* "Yes sir, right away sir!" =)

  5. Good things come in 3's or so I've heard. Have fun reading.


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