Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Special Treat for You


We made a late run to Walmart for groceries last night.  On the way home we were sitting at a red light and chatting about something.  I looked casually over to my right and this is what I saw (I wasn't wearing my glasses):

My eyes opened really wide and my mouth dropped open.  "OMG look!  Look over there!  Why is there a giant penis in front of that building?!  Or maybe it's a mushroom?  It's a mushroom, isn't it?  Tell me it's a mushroom!  No, it's definitely a circumsized penis!"

That first picture was taken with a zoom lens.  This is actually how far away we were.  So the question of the day is:  WTF?


  1. This was the side view of the "sculpture." It was some weird piece of nothing that some people call art. It did not look like a penis from the front. Hee-hee. People are dumb.

  2. Always take your glasses, my friend. Too fun. Where the heck is this think in Texas? And someone got paid a lot to make this. We are in the wrong biz with our hooking.

  3. You are right. WTF.

  4. Wow! What they say is true. Everything's BIG in Texas. God only knows what that company paid for that piece of "art".

  5. ...LOL... Put your glasses on girl! But I can see what you mean.

    Art ? Art my foot... Art is Thomas Kinkade... One of my favorites.

    Let us know what it is if and when you find out.

    Kate... I think I prefer hooking to that..:-) What we make looks a lot better then that thing.

    ~ Susan

  6. Well, I nearly wet myself!!! Indeed it does look like a giant penis! Oh my....wait til I tell my Mama and Nana...both from Texas...what they feature these days alongside the road in their home state!!!

  7. WTF????? I think that being art could be questioned for sure. It didn't look any better with your glasses on did it? tee hee

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies

  8. Can you imagine the artist explaining his/her latest to their Mom or children? It's all lit up too!

  9. You are a riot! What a way to start my day than with your entry! Sometimes I wonder just what is really in someone's head when they create some of their "art"! Thanks for the great laugh! Hope you got your package!


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