Friday, August 06, 2010

A Small Rant or Two

Rant #1: 

I saw this line in a crochet pattern I was looking at the other day.

"Try on the jacket and place a button at the waist in the penultimate round."


What is this word penultimate you speak of?  Does everyone know this word except me?  I will be 50 years old this year and have NEVER heard this word!  Nobody ever taught me this word or uttered it in my presence.  They hid it from me.  I hate it when that happens!  I fancy myself a pretty smart cookie, but every now and then I come across something that makes me feel ignorant. 

I wouldn't feel that way or be surprised if it was used in a novel or something like that.  You know how authors try to be all fancy-pants and use different words to write their stories.  But this was in a crochet pattern.  There was no need to use obscure, fancy-pants words.  I want to hunt the person down who wrote this pattern and shake them.  "Why did you use this word!  Why?  WHY?  Why didn't you just say, 'Place a button at the waist in the next to last round'?"  Maybe a non-American wrote it and it's perfectly normal to use that word in another country?  I don't know.  And I don't know why it bugged me so much, but here I am several days later still thinking and fussing about it.

Okay, I feel better now.

I may have been a little ambitious saying that I would have my project finished today.  I forgot that my husband is off work today.  (This new schedule of his will take some getting used to.)  I'm sure he will distract me and want to drag me off somewhere shopping or to lunch.  And not the good kind of shopping either...probably Home Depot or Lowe's.  Or maybe he will just sit and stare at me while I try to crochet because he is bored and wants my attention.  Don't get me wrong.  I will happily give him some attention and run off somewhere with him if he wants.  I'm just sayin'.

Lesson of the Day (Rant #2):

Those are NOT snowflakes pictured in yesterday's post, people!  Snowflakes only have six sides.  Didn't anybody ever teach y'all that?  I've seen many a crochet snowflake pattern with eight sides or more, and that is just wrong, wrong, wrong.  Snowflakes have six sides and six sides only.  Yes, they are all unique, except for the fact they all have SIX sides.

Maybe that's one of those things like the word "penultimate" that the world has hidden from you.  Please feel free to rant if it is.

I hope you know I'm not really upset about this.  I'm just trying to be entertaining in an informative way.  I'm much too sweet to seriously be upset about something so silly (as far as you know).

I'm outta here.


  1. PS - you are cracking me up over here. Even after reading the dictionary entry for penultimate I still didn't get it. Oh well, still love those little squares that resemble, somewhat, snowflakes.

  2. Thanks for that Pammy Sue. Gosh, somehow I feel better too. Great rant!

  3. I agree! I hate it when obscure words are used when it's not necessary! However...I did learn something new today.

    Hoping to finish my reading over the weekend (transcription stuff) and I've already downloaded the pedal yet but I thought I might try to do one of the exercises I have. This is so exciting!

    I never thought of snowflakes when I saw your new squares yesterday. Maybe thought that because they are "white" and kind of a flowery shape. I didn't know snowflakes were six sided! Gee...learned something else! You are a wealth of infomation today! Love ya!

  4. I've never heard of that word either.

    Who do you think caught enough single snow flakes to examine them that closely to determine they only have 6 sides?

  5. Pam - here's a link for join as you go I found at Room on the Left. Check it out....

  6. Hi again!!
    I have done a join as you go isn't hidden anymore!!!!
    Hope you understand and if you don't, let me know and we'll figure it out!!!
    Have a good afternoon!!

  7. Oh Pammy ..I feel the same about those words ,but enjoy using them to shake things up a bit...
    Most villagers do not know the ins and outs of true snow flake protocol...It is up to us kid to teach them

  8. Amanda ~

    Scientists! And they probably got a government grant to do it! Ha-ha-ha.

  9. ....just so flippin' glad that I am not the only one who gets all hot and bothered about the whole snowflake thing... starting in second grade, they're making us fake out our snowflakes, fold that paper in eight ways, and cut a totally messed up snowflake. Flippin' ridiculous, it is.... I grew up around some snow, I have seen snowflakes, and yep, six sides, man, six! LMHO

  10. I actually learnt what penultimate was a few years back watching a Australian children's television show with my boys. I had never heard of it until then.
    I have never heard of it being used in a pattern before. Perhaps the author was just being a fancy pants like you mentioned Pammy.

  11. Wow Pam, I think my blonde is showing through! LOL Does it make people feel more important when they use big words? Thanks for the chuckles girlfriend.

    Hugs XX

  12. Doing some blog walking this am and found myself here. I've NEVER heard that word either. I would have to google it, had you not later told us what the heck it meant. Whew, saved me some work.

    Hope you get your project done, even with hubby around. Isn't there something on TV, a sporting even to keep him occupied. lol

    Swing by for a visit, the welcome mats always out.



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